German Propaganda Ministry & RRZ Walther PP (super rare gun)


Gun Issued to Joseph Goebbels (Watch the original Video; it’s interesting)

If you are like me you like watching re-runs. I especially like old Seinfeld episodes and Everybody Loves Raymond. I watch them over and over again. And that’s what I’m going to encourage you to do today. I’m going to encourage you to watch a re-run. I did a video a while ago on the German Propaganda Ministry and I went over a gun that was issued to the Radio Propaganda Ministry, all under the administration of Joseph Goebbels. So I did a whole video on that and it was one of the first ones that we did, that I really enjoyed, but unfortunately because it was one of the first nobody really watched it. It has under a thousand views and it deserves a whole lot more. So I’m going to ask you to watch a re-run and if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth watching.


German Propaganda Ministry Cards

But to kind of kick this topic off for you I wanted to show you some Propaganda Ministry cards. They’re cards, like a deck of cards and then there’s like postage cards. Each one of them is explained on the back and it’s from the Propaganda Ministry because it says Germany Awake. And it’s usually…they are meant to motivate people.


This just came in last week, they all came in together from one collector. There’s about thirty (30) of these and about fifteen (15) of these, maybe a little more. They all need to be translated. If you look at the back you can see that it’s written out in German what it is. But on the postcard sized cards, they’re all in black and white. They tend to focus on a lot of parades and rallies. I recognize Nuremberg and Munich. Some of them are very early they like to show a very fierce looking Hitler, this picture is of him.


Hitler Focused on Youth (sadly this is how the Nazi’s influenced many)

And then there’s other parades; you can just kind of go through and see all of these. Very interesting, they tend to focus on the youth, so they have a couple on Hitler youth. If I go to the smaller, what I call a deck of cards, there’s about thirty (30) of these again. It explains on the back what each one of them is.  But they like to show pictures of Hitler as a strong leader, especially reaching out to children and young boys and girls, trying to influence young minds.


Hermann Goering pre 50 LBS

There’s a studly picture of Hermann Goering here, looks like he’s ready to go out and battle. That was before he gained about 50 – 60 lbs. Here’s an impassioned Goebbels which the video is all about. He’s giving a speech, getting everybody all fired up. And that’s the whole goal of the Propaganda Ministry.


RRZ Walther PP

So like I said I did a video on the Propaganda Ministry and it focuses on a Walther PP, that’s very, very rare. It’s a RRZ which is the radio station, basically security guard. I really encourage you to watch this video. You can see here, you can go to the link or wait till the end and make sure you watch it at the end because I did all that work, you might as well watch the video.


$300 for all Propaganda Cards

Here’s what I want to do with these cards, I usually sell all this stuff on the website but there’s so much of it, I don’t want to take pictures of the pictures so, all of these are for sale for $300 total. $300 for all these pictures. The first person who comments and says I’ll take the cards, they’re yours. We’ll get in touch with you and figure out how we can do that but $300 for all of these propaganda cards. They are all original from the…about I would say late 30s early 40s.


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