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  1. How Do I Know If My PPK or PP is Commercial or Military? | WW2 Pre-1946 Walther Pistol Variations

    Tom explains the difference between commercially sold Walther PP and PPK pistols, and military issued PP and PPK pistols. A very helpful & educational video for those who want to learn more about these historic WW2 weapons. 


    How do I know if my Walther PPK or PP is Commercial or WW2 Military?


    Walther PPs and PPKs

    Hey, guys, I have another educational video for you today. But first, check this out. You'll notice I don't have the boring pullover. I now have the classy button-down. We hired a designer to come up with these. Actually, Randy, where do we get these? Was at Wal-Mart. But yeah, I got I upgraded my shirt. Hope you like it. Make sure you push the like button so I can

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  2. WW2 British SWIFT Royal Air Force Training Rifle

    We shoot balloons with an original WW2 British Royal Air Force Training Rifle - the original Call of Duty game! Shooting Balloons with a WW2 British Swift Royal Air Force Training Rifle!

    Training Rifles: WWII British Swift Air Force Version 


    Swift British Training Rifle Intro

    Hey guys, or if you're below the Mason-Dixon Line, hey y’all. Today I am going to talk about a walk in that came in actually last week. I think it was Wednesday. So, we'll call it a walk-in Wednesday. It is a Swift British Training rifle, probably never saw one before they're kind of rare. Actually, they made 16,000 of them. But in my mind, why the heck would anybody bring this thing home? It's actually a non-rifle its non-firing rifle, it is used for training, and we're g

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  3. Reichsbank Walther PPK - RFV Pistols from WW2

    Tom shows off a nice Reichsbank issued Walther PPK, and gives a little explanation on this RFV variation of pistol made during WWII.



    Unique WWII Reichsbank Issued Walther PPK Insight

    Hey, welcome back. Today, I'm doing a part of our educational series on Walter PPs. and PPKs. These are all wartime or before the early Walther pre-1946. One of the variations that are not well known is the bank guns. Now, I'll show you some examples and you might ask how do we know it was a bank gun? Excellent question. Let me show you.


    Reichsbank Walther Pistols

    And so,

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  4. RARE WW2 Johnson Rifle - WWII Assault Rifle USMC Issued

    Tom shows us a rare WW2 Johnson Model 1941 and compares that to the well-known M1 Garand and M1 Carbine... Used and issued mostly to the USMC, this rifle had a short shelf-life, with a unique design and interesting mechanics, the clunky magazine design was the a huge factor in the demise of this rifle.


    WWII Johnson 1941 Rifle Compared to M1 Garand and M1 Carbine


    Johnson (1941 Rifle) Jokes

    Hey, guys. Welcome to another Walk-in Wednesday. Actually, today, this gun we're going to talk about, the Johnson rifle did not walk in, I actually went in, picked it up yesterday, drove about an hour away, picked it up from a local collection. I've been trying

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  5. WW2 1940 German Mauser K98 Rifle with Grenade Launcher, Range Finder, and More!

    Tom shows us a WW2 German Mauser K98 Rifle with all of the accessories, including a grenade launcher, range finder/sight, muzzle cover, action cover, and even wooden bullets! Super rare collection / grouping from WWII - you never see rifles like this!


    WW2 1940 German Mauser K98 Rifle with Grenade Launcher, Range Finder, and More!


    K98 Mauser: One of the More Reliable Rifles

    Hey, guys. Welcome to another walk-in Wednesday. This one is going to be about the K98 Carbine. You can see the full assembly as it came in. When it came in, I had to like figure out all these parts. I have them laid around here because it's quite an assembly. Let's take

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  6. Holster Mold on WWI & WWII Vintage Military Holsters: Solution

    We explain how to get rid of that pesky holster mold and help preserve your WW1 & WW2 Holsters!

    Getting Rid of Pesky Holster Mold the Easy Way

    Hey, guys. And welcome to my office again. Thanks for coming in. As you can see, I've been looking at some holsters today. Normally I like to show you some really cool guns that just walked in the door. But today I want to give you a tip that I think you're gonna really like. In fact, you're going to like it so much when you're done watching this video, you're going to want to push the little like button at the bottom. So here it is. If you if you're a collector like me, you get holsters that are often very old.


    Holsters vs. Humidity: The Never

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  7. WW2 Smith & Wesson Model 1940 WWII Light Rifle

    The model 1940 also known as the Smith& Wesson Light Rifle - a prototype used and dismissed by the US Military during WW2. Primarily for the USMC ! Check it out!

    Smith & Wesson Model 1940: Rare for a Reason


    Smith &Wesson Model 1940

    Hey, guys, and welcome to another walk-in Wednesday. Look at this one. This actually did walk in our door about a week ago. It reminds me a lot of the MP 40. I actually have one up on the screen. This is a Smith and Wesson model 1940, the patent date is 1939, but Smith and Wesson, of course, all the big producers are trying to get into the war. The war is just beginning in Europe. They're trying to get contracts with the US government

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  8. Civil War Butterfield Revolver - 1855

    Jesse Butterfield was the underdog in winning a contract for the U.S. military. In 1861 he won a contract for 2,300 pistols to a New York regimen. Quite an accomplishment, given his competition was the likes of Colt and Remington. We think he signed a contract too big for his factory, or he ran out of money, because only 600 pistols ended up being produced. Still he had an impressive design, that we consider ahead of its' time. Check it out!


    Rare Butterfield Civil War Pistol

    Hey, guys, welcome to another walk-in Wednesday. This one is pretty exciting because we got something very unique. This is a Butterfield. It's a civil war pistol and it was patented by Jesse Butterfield. Now, Jesse and I have something in common. First of all, we were both from Philadelphia

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  9. FAQ - Is my HSC Functioning Properly?

    Not sure if your Mauser HSc pistol is working properly? Tom answers your questions. We don't know everything, but never hesitate to reach out to us with questions on your WW2 firearms! We specialize in WWI & WWII pistols, rifles, and other various memorabilia.


    Nazi Mauser HSc Action FAQ & Demo

    Well, here's one of our frequently asked questions. This is a Mauser HSC. This one was used by the Nazis. The action on it is a little bit different than most semi-automatics, although I have noticed that the Mauser 1934 works about the same way.


    So, when you cocked the pistol, it stays back, takes the magazine out, which is not easy, I don't like

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    Most people only hear stories of Lugers this beautiful. We're honored to share this presentation factory engraved Kreighoff Luger. A very scarce piece from WW2, this P.08 would have been presented to someone of high importance. We've seen a lot of engraved or inscribed lugers, but ONLY Krieghoff made FACTORY ENGRAVED Lugers. DWM, Erfurt, Simson, and Mauser all had their pistols engraved or inscribed after they left the factory. Only TEN (10) Lugers EVER were engraved. UNBELIEVABLE! Some of these engraved pistols are photoed and described in "The Krieghoff Parabellum".


    Super Rare and Beautifully Engraved Luger

    Hey, guys. And welcome to another week-in Wednesday. I've got an exciting walk in today for you. Wait until you see this? What could possibly be in this case?

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