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  1. Walther PP Pistol WWII: GI Piece Together?



    Hey guys! I decided to do a quickie this morning because I got a gun in that we've already talked about. I don't have to do a lot of development about this gun because if you're a regular subscriber you already saw the video about what happened when the GIs took over the Walther factory in April of 1945. If you haven't seen that you need to click here and watch that video first because that sets up this gun. So we did that video and just yesterday this gun came in, after the video has been posted for a while. And it was picked up in the factory by a GI at the end of the war. And here's how I know.

    Guess how I know it was picked up by a GI?

    Obviously the first thing that stands out is it has…most of i

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  2. Rare Czech Walther PP & CZ Model 27 from WW2



    Hey guys, I woke up this morning and thought what a great day for a quickie video and here's why. First, I can't watch the playoffs because my home team is not in it. Second, there's nothing good to watch on TV ever since Game of Thrones ended [0:32-0:37 Snippet from Game of Thrones]. Third I have to say watching the news is extremely frustrating. But fourth and most importantly I got a really rare gun that just came in but there's not much to say about it. So let's just do a quickie.

    Beautiful PP that was Issued to the Czech Police

    This is a beautiful PP. Those of you who have you been watching my videos notice the high polish finish right away, classic design of the Walther PP;

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  3. Walther RZM PPK Rig: Vet Brought Back



    Hey guys let me tell you about a new feature that we're starting today and I have to tell you really quickly because that's where the title comes from. This is going to be called a quickie. The reason being is people tell us all the time, give us more, give us more. But the production to do all the research on a gun and do the production of a gun, it literally takes weeks. We actually have full time jobs and so we have to do this in our spare time. But there are times when something comes in the door that I don't have time to do a full production, so I'm just going to give you a quickie.

    An Unusual Party Leader RZM

    This came in the door, before I put it in the safe I just have to show it

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  4. Two Hot Twins: WW2 Walther PPK Pistol Engraved & Chrome


    Two Twin WW2 Walther PPK Pistols 7.65mm | Engraved and Chrome

    Today we have Two Sets of Twins......and they're Hot!

    Hey guys, today I have a really exciting video about two twins. I'm going to show those to you, its two guns that are consecutively marked, two sets of guns that are consecutively marked which tell an interesting story and also give us a little bit of history about the Walther Factory, particularly at the end of the war. So one of your favorite guns and mine is the Walther PPK.

    A Back Story

    I came across these first two twins. They were actually found separately and then put together later. So in other words, soon after birth they were separated by the GIs who took over the factory and then

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  5. Proper Magazines for Pre-WW2 & Wartime Guns Explained


    Complete Guide to Walther PP and PPK Magazine Variations for Guns Pre-WW2 and During the War

    What is the Proper Magazine that Needs to be with my Gun you Ask?

    Hey guys, today I have a very important educational video. It's actually been one I've put off for a while but I absolutely know I need to get done. Because one of the most common questions I get, just beyond what date was this gun made? For Walther PPs and PPKs, again pre-1946 for Walther PPs and PPKs, one of the most common questions I get, what is the proper magazine that needs to be with my gun? And that's the educational video I want to do for you today. It might be a little mundane, usually I like to make you laugh a little bit and tell you a story. This one is strictly business.

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  6. Smooth Action Bergmann-Bayard Model 1910/21 Pistol


    Smooth Action Bergmann-Bayard Model 1910/21 Pistol

    Hey guys I decided to do a quickie this morning because I had a new gun come in and as usual I don't have enough time to research it and do a really full-length video, because it's already sold and going out the door this afternoon. So before this goes out the door, I want to show it to you.

    A Little back Story

    So this is a Model 1910/21 Bergmann. Now I have to tell you a little inside story. I don't know much about these but every time I see a Bergmann at a gun show, I get the voice in my head that says Bergmann. Now if you grew up in the 80s, you know the commercial where John Houseman says we earn it [0:52-0:56 Video]. Okay I'm sorry if that gets stuck in your head like it gets stuck in my head but I now

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  7. Tariq 9MM Pistol: Saddam Hussein’s Version of Beretta 1951


    Tariq 9MM Pistol: Saddam Hussein’s Version of Beretta 1951

    Hey guys I decided to do a quickie about a gun that came in, that I know very little about. It is the Iraqi Tariq. Now, I said I don't know a whole lot about this, I just want to clarify because I never claimed to be a gun expert. I do know a lot about Walthers and World War II Lugar's and I’ve done quite a few videos. But some of you are just a little bit mean. Whenever I do a gun, a modern gun or even a machine gun, a lot of times I say I'm not an expert on these but I just love to show them to you. So I could either just shut up and put these away, or I could bring them to you and we could learn together. I’m not an expert on these if you happen to know something about these guns, please just send us a comment and we'd be glad to respo

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  8. Nazi Party Leader Walther PPK Vinyl Presentation Case and Holster


    Nazi Party Leader Walther PPK Vinyl Presentation Case and Holster

    Hey guys and welcome to a Corona special. In the old days, I used to call these quickies but I'm going to just be doing some really quick videos with almost no b-roll at all, just to get you some content. I know you all need some eye candy, if you're like me, you're stuck in the house looking for something new, so I'm going to show you something new. It's actually very, very cool. It came in a while ago, we'll call it…we’ll say it was a Wednesday, so we can call it a walk-in Wednesday. I had a guy… I'm turning around and getting it.

    A Special Presentation Case

    I had a guy who called me up and said I have a presentation case for a Walther PPK. No gun in it but I have a case. So I kind of…I

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  9. Unique WW2 Dog Tag from Stalag 17


    Unique WW2 Dog Tag from Stalag 17

    Hey guys, this morning I decided to do another quickie. And it's because I was cleaning out my office and I found a pretty rare item, actually the dog tag is not that rare. But I know you guys love it when I clean out my office because I always find things that I forgot I had. And I appreciate all you volunteers who have written to me and say hey, listen, next time you want to clean your office out I'll come over and help. It’s fantastic here the stuff I find.

    A German Dog Tag

    But this is a German dog tag, issued to the German soldiers. A little bit different than the American dog tag but the purpose is basically the same. I would assume if somebody was killed in battle what they would do, you can see this perforation along h

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  10. Fun at Show of Shows 2020 Louisville KY


    Show of Shows 2020 Louisville, KY Part 1

    Welcome to Louisville

    Tom:  Hey guys I'm here in Louisville, Kentucky and as you can tell it is freezing cold. I don't know what the temperature is but it's below freezing and the wind is blowing. I'm here at the Expo Center in Louisville. Excited to go in and sign up for the show, I brought along with me an MP 40. Come on in and check it out.

First Stop – A Rare Japanese Gun

    Tom:  So one of my first stops is a really rare Japanese gun. I have actually never seen one live and in person. So of course coming to SOS there's one right here. This is called a Hamada I'm told. If you look at the serial number, number 25, the serial numbers only go up to 50

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