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  1. The World’s Top 12 Most Expensive Guns

    The World’s Top 12 Most Expensive Guns

    Cabot Guns

    Photo Courtesy of: Cabot Guns

    A gun lover can tell you that there are guns and then there are guns.

    It simply means guns are not all the same.  They might function similarly, but time has shown that the true difference lies in factors like craftsmanship, history, past owners, quality or rarity of materials used, and so on. Based on any or all of these, the value of a gun can rise or fall significantly. An off-the-shelf gun can hardly compare in value to a piece once owned or used by figures like George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt. Some firearms are also more precise than others, rare o

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  2. A Beginner's Guide to The Top 25 Gun Brands

    A Beginner's Guide to The Top 25 Gun Brands


    Selecting top guns on the market depends on what you are looking for. You would want to consider: your needs, gun quality, gun features and design, and the brand. Factors that come into play when listing top quality guns are: ease of use, quality, accuracy, capacity, reliability, and performance.

    However, if you have got it right with the brand, these factors usually just fall into place.

    With so many recognized gun brands in the industry, it is difficult to point out the top gun brands. Many gun brands have survived this multi-billion dollar industry for years, even despite the controversy surrounding it. So, difficult or not, we have put together this perfectly curated list of the top gun brands in the industry. We have selected based on a myriad of factors including reputation, product quality, and more. Feel free to look closely at any of these

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  3. Walther Armee Pistol Prototype & COVID-19 Update


    Walther Armee Pistol Prototype with COVID-19 UPDATE


    Prototype of P.38

    Hey guys and welcome to one of my educational videos which I decided to do because I had a very rare gun come in this week and it's about to be sold. And I wanted to show it to you before it leaves the office.


    I am Wearing Gloves. You’re Welcome! COVID-19 Commentary

    It is a prototype for the P38. You can see it here, as it showed up on our website and it is the Army Pistol or Model AP. I'm going to talk a little bit about that, but before I do l

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  4. A Brief History of Walther P.38 Pistol Production


    Walther P.38 Pistol Production (Brief History)



    Education of P.38

    Hey guys, today I wanted to do an educational video on P38s. Now I've already done a couple P38s but they were always capture stories and I often get comments from all of you saying we need to hear more about P38s. Well, actually there's a lot to cover and I've been focused a lot on PPs and PPKs, doing all the different variations and once I jump into these waters, there's a lot to cover. 


    A Few Rare Guns to Come

    So today I'm

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  5. Gorgeous Case Hardened Walther PP


    Gorgeous Case Hardened Walther PP (mint condition) 


    Incredible Walther PP

    Hey guys, I have another educational video on Walther PPs and PPKs. Today I have an incredible gun to show you. I just love bringing you this stuff and I hope you watching as much as I love showing them to you.


    Walther PP Box Bow Tie Label Variety

    This is just at first it seems like a standard boxed PP. I've talked about these before, this is what the boxes looked like pre-1945. We also see this is the bow tie label, with a handwritten

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  6. German Propaganda Ministry & RRZ Walther PP


    German Propaganda Ministry & RRZ Walther PP (super rare gun)


    Gun Issued to Joseph Goebbels (Watch the original Video; it’s interesting)

    If you are like me you like watching re-runs. I especially like old Seinfeld episodes and Everybody Loves Raymond. I watch them over and over again. And that’s what I’m going to encourage you to do today. I’m going to encourage you to watch a re-run. I did a video a while ago on the German Propaganda Ministry and I went over a gun that was issued to the Radio Propaganda Ministry, all under the administration of Joseph Goebbels. So I did a whole video on that and it was one of the first ones that we did, that I

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  7. 10 Gauge Civil War Era Shotgun & Funny Legacy Stories


    10 Gauge Civil War Era Shotgun, Top 4 10 Gauge Shotgun Video Review, & Top 6 Legacy Packing Stories


    Table of Contents: 

    Section 1: 10 Gauge Civil War Shotgun Examined (fun)

    Section 2: Top 4 10 Gauge Shotgun Videos Reviewed and Critiqued (funny)

    Section 3: Top 6 Gun Packing Materials in Legacy Collectible History (very funny)



    Hey, guys, this morning I decided to do a quickie just for the fun of it. And this one

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  8. Rare SA Gruppe Walther PP Bulged Barrel Examined


    Rare SA Gruppe Walther PP Bulged Barrel Examined

    Hey, guys, I decide to do a quickie this morning because I have a lot of work to do. Believe it or not, I have a full time job. So I just wanted to show this to you really quickly. This is just as a lesson in where I made a mistake and I'm going to tell you about it. I did a video where I actually made a mistake and it was to my favor. And that was the Baby Nambu.


    The Baby Nambu Mistake Video (Yes, I am human too)

    If you haven't watched that baby Nambu, I got a holster that was worth twice what I thought it was. That was a mistake. And in that

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  9. How to tell if your Nazi Party Leader Walther PPK is Real or Fake?


    4 Ways to Tell if your Nazi Party Leader Walther PPK is Real or Fake


    Hey, guys, welcome to another quickie. I got something in yesterday and I just really want to quickly show it to you. But that is not a spider crawling on my chest. That's to help us with our quality of sound. We'll see how it works out. Thanks to the power of the YouTube channel. We've been getting a lot of customers or collectors who have been coming to us to authenticate their guns. Yesterday was a good example of somebody who said I bought a party leader. He was convinced that it was 100 percent correct, bought it some years ago and send it to us to authenticate. Unfortunately, I knew immediately within three seconds that it was

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  10. Mauser HSc Disassembly and Reassembly (Detailed Guide)


    Mauser HSc Disassembly and Reassembly (Detailed Guide)

    Legacy collectibles customers are often asking us how to take apart the guns we sell. So today I'm going to show you how to take apart a Mauser HSC.


    Push Down on Small Knob to Release Slide

    Notice how the magazine still stays inside the gun. Next, you want to put the safety into the safe position on the interior of the trigger guard is a small knob that you need to push down in order to release the slide. We recommend you use a pen to push the button

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