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  1. 100 Year Old WW1 Soldier's Trunk Discovery

    100 Year Old WW1 Soldier's Trunk Discovery



    We got something different today

    Hey guys! We've got something a little bit different today to show you. This is over 100 year old World War I era Army Air Corps, actually Air Service, Army Air Service trunk. I already said over 100 years old. Now we hope to have some fun with this today, get a few laughs, but you're probably really curious on what's in here. And it reminds me of an episode of Storage Wars. They go to a big garage open, they don't open it or they find a trunk and they have you bid and you hope something really valuable is inside. So you're all hoping that I have Hitler's PP in here. But this is World War I, so it's only the Kaisers PP. 


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  2. What's the Deal with the KU Luger?

    What's the Deal with the "KU" Luger?



    I bet you woke up with this on your mind

    Hey guys! Today we're going to talk about the mystery of the KU Luger. Now that's probably something you woke up this morning saying, you know what I wonder what the meaning of the KU Luger is? And today we're going to solve that. 


    It's also a chapter in our book

    We're also going to put this as a chapter on our book in Third Reich Lugers. So if you buy the book, this video will add color to the description and we really need to add some color because the explanation it just needs a lot of nuance. So come on over and take a look over my shoulder and I'll show you some examples of

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  3. Is this Adolf Hitler Gold Engraved Walther PP Authentic?

    Is this Adolf Hitler Gold Engraved Walther PP Authentic?



    An Educational Walk In Wednesday

    Hey guys! Today I have a fun video for you. I didn't know if I should call it a Walk In Wednesday. It's more like an educational video because I'm going to talk to you about this gun, which is obviously meant to imply that it belonged to Adolf Hitler, due to the insignia. And the education you're going to receive is when you buy something that purportedly belonged to Adolf Hitler, you might want to do some due diligence. So let's check this out.


    Hey I saw this gun, what do you think?

    Now first of all, I found out about this gun by one of

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  4. Vet Bring Back Special: Spreewerk P.38 Edition

    Vet Bring Back Special: Spreewerk P.38 Edition



    No! I have not been on vacation

    Hey guys, it's been a while. No, I have not been away on vacation. I've actually been working on the Third Reich Lugers book, and we're almost done. Now you we haven't had a video in a while, but you're going to get hit with a flurry of videos once the book comes out because Randy and I have been busy making a video for every chapter of the book. So when you read a chapter, you watch the video. Anyway, I think you're really going to like it. But that's kept me busy. 


    Meanwhile... A little bit of everything

    In the meantime, I did have a walk in Wednesday. Also, this is a quickie.

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  5. Canadian Lugers Explored 

    Canadian Lugers Explored 



    Did You Miss Me?

    Hey guys, welcome to another Walk In Wednesday. I know you missed me. But I have some more Lugers to show you. And just like I showed before, I have a video called oh Canada, based on their national anthem, but I said it like this, oh Canada


    It's gonna get harder

    Unfortunately, Canadian laws have gotten stricter for gun ownership. I don't fully understand everything, because all I know is what I read on the internet, and we already know how accurate that always is. So I hear conflicting things from people. But generally, what I hear is there's about a two month window before they shut

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  6. How would FDR handle Putin?

    How would FDR Handle Putin?



    Oh My How History Rhymes!

    Now, if you're like me, you're obsessed with the news lately with the invasion of Ukraine, and you probably think to yourself, it's amazing how history repeats itself. And that certainly is true in terms of 1939, the invasion of Poland, even the dive bombers destroying the cities. Today, we have the invasion of Ukraine, with missiles hitting apartment buildings, destroying cities, and you say to yourself, I can't believe how much history repeats itself. Now, you're probably thinking, Tom, we know all that tell me something I don't know. So here it is. 


    History Lesson

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  7. Automatic WW2 BB Gun Fun!

    Automatic WW2 BB Gun Fun!


    The most fun I've ever had at Legacy Collectibles

    Hey guys, today it's a really cool day at Legacy Collectibles. Honestly, probably the one of the most fun days I've ever had. I'm going to show you this Fully Automatic BB gun from World War II. Now this looks almost like an M60 browning and it does sit on a tripod. You'll see that in a minute. But it is a BB gun that works with electrical power and with an air compressor that hooks up here. I'm going to show you how to do that but first, this came in from a guy who's fairly local, he's only about an hour away. 


    You have a what?

    He said, I have an E13, would you be interested? I had no... A what? What's an E13? I

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  8. Revolvers, Mammoth Grips, and 1911 Nighthawks Oh My!

    Revolvers, Mammoth Grips, and 1911 Nighthawks Oh My!



    Welcome to Throwback Thursdays

    Hey guys, you've heard of The Walk In Wednesday. Well this is going to be a throwback Thursday. That's right! We're going to take a look back at some guns that I've done before, but they actually came in this week. 


    It's not a gun but check this out

    It_s not a gun but check this out

    So in way of review, this is not a gun. But check this out somewhere in about the middle of 2021, we decided to do a

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  9. Gold Engraved Walther PPK for Otto Marrenbach

    Gold Engraved Walther PPK Presented to SS Officer Otto Marrenbach



    A quickie before travel day

    Hey guys, I have a travel day tomorrow. So I thought I'd give you a quickie. I want to give you an update on a couple of things, and then also show you a few new guns because I know you're like me, you're probably bored looking for something to do. 


    Update #1

    So in way of update, first, the Gundi Awards. Thank you for your votes; those of you who voted, thank you very much. That ended on the 30th of January and we have not heard who won yet. As soon as we find out, we will let you know. 


    Update #2

    Secondly, the SOS gun show in Louisville,

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  10. Cool WWII Bring Backs: The Robert Kepler Edition

    Cool WWII Bring Backs: The Robert Kepler Edition 


    World War II Bring Backs 

    World War II Bring Backs

    Hey guys, check out this assembly of items that were brought back from World War II by Robert Kepler. This is among my favorite videos whenever I do vet bring backs I'm just honored to be able to show you some of the things that the vets brought back and a little bit about the story that he told when he came home from the war. So again, this was all brought back by Robert Kepler, along with his uniform. I'll let Randy pan over here we've got actually two uniforms. I'm going to

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