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  1. Stunning Nazi Mauser P.38 Capture Story


    Stunning Nazi Mauser P.38 BYF 44 Capture Story for Walk-in Wednesday!

A Deceptively Amazing Walk-in Wednesday

    Hey guys, welcome to another walk-in Wednesday. This walk-in Wednesday is a little deceptive because this actually walked in the door in 2012. I've had this one for a long time. It's not a remarkable gun, other than it's a very nice gun. I mean it's a beautiful conditioned gun, a P38. Obviously I haven't done a lot on P38s, I need to do more. And when I was thinking about that, I was thinking what is my most favorite war story that I've ever heard? And so there's a war story that goes with this gun. I'm going to actually read it from the guy who brought it home and I think you're just going love it as well. So I'm excited to bring this one to you.
We’ll talk

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  2. Nazi Police "Eagle F" Walther PPK Factory Error Pistol


    Nazi Police "Eagle F" Walther PPK with a Factory Error


    Nazi Police Eagle "F" Error

    Hey guys, I have another Coronavirus special for you. Again, it used to be called a quickie but I'm trying to put out some content so you have something to watch while you're stuck indoors. We don't have a lot of quality production value bringing in all kinds of things and sometimes I might be out of focus, a little bit off but you'll indulge me because I'm trying to do these by myself and get some content out to you while we're all stuck indoors. 

    Hats off to our Frontline Troops!!! Thank you so Much! 

    And by the way hats off to all the health care workers out there who are in harm's way, risking their lives to help other people

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  3. First Ever North Korean Type 68 Pistol Review


    First Ever North Korean Type 68 Pistol Review | Walk-in Wednesday


    A Super-Rare Gun from North Korea! Wow! Could be the First Ever Video on this Gun!

    Hey guys and welcome to another walk-in Wednesday. I've got a super, super, super, super rare gun to show you. It reminds me of a Larry David [inaudible 00:20]. The way I got this was for my Christmas holidays I took a cruise to North Korea. And I was cruising up and down the coast, I went to the little villages and towns and I got this from one of the markets on the corner and put it in my luggage and just brought it back with me.

    Well, actually I'm totally lying. You didn't believe that story, I don't think. So I'm really thrilled to announce that this is for the first time in history, a Legacy Collectibles

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  4. Rare Late WW2 Browning Hi Power Pistol Review


    Rare Late WW2 Browning Hi Power Pistol | Walk-in Wednesday


Walk in Wednesday Welcome

    Hey guys and welcome to another walk-in Wednesday. Today I have a gun and then a series of guns that I want to show you. This, you may recognize right away as a Browning Hi-Power. If you collect these you can see pretty quickly that this is a late War Nazi Hi-Power but it's even more special than that. I want to go into why this gun is particularly special and a rare find but first let's back up a little bit and talk about the Browning Hi-Power. 

    Check out this book!

    Now a lot of the information from this particular video comes from this book on FN Browning Hi-Powers, made in the Belgian Factory by Anthony Van der Linden. We

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  5. Flawless Nazi Forest Ranger RZM Walther PPK Anecdote



    Nazi Forest Ranger Flawless RZM Walther PPK Pistol


    Continuing our Coronavirus Specials

    Hey guys welcome to another walk-in Wednesday. This mask with the little bunny rabbit on it, is to remind you that we're doing Coronavirus specials which means low production value. I'm just sitting in front of a camera, shooting this by myself, no one else around. I usually work with a team of people and I look forward to getting back to those days because they're able to bring in a lot of outside research and movie clips and scenes from the day, World War II, battle scenes all that stuff is important. But it's either I don't do any content or I do it this way. I think you still enjoy it because I'm going to show you something really cool today, a boxed

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  6. A Grand WW2 Party Leader Pistols Intro


    A Grand WW2 Party Leader Pistols Intro


    Walther PPK Introduction, WWII History

    Hi, I'm Tom Whiteman, president and founder of Legacy Collectibles. Here to introduce our new YouTube series on party leaders. One of the most popular things that are collected are the party leader PPKs. But along with that is the belt, the buckle, you notice the hat, the ornate, every button has a party leader eagle on it. Again, nothing like the American army, but very ornate and highly desirable among collectors.

    What's our goal here at Legacy Collectibles?

    Our goal at Legacy Collectibles is to honor the veterans and the sacrifices they made for our freedoms. There's no way we endorse Nazism

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  7. Fun WW2 Police Dept of Munich Walther PP & PPK Stories


    WW2 PDM (Police Dept of Munich) Walther PP & PPKs Story


    PDM PPKs and PPs

    Hey guys, welcome to another educational video about Walther PP's and PPK's. Today I have a very rare variation to show you, called the PDM variation of PP and PPK. 

    Secret Compartment Revisited from Party Leader Vinyl Box

    Before I get into that let me go back to a previous video that I did and I actually have to laugh at myself; it's kind of humorous. Do you remember when I showed you this vinyl case? A lot of people watched it, it has I think like 15,000 views at this point. I showed you this vinyl video and I opened it up and talked about it and the fact that it had a party leader in it.

    And about four of you made comments saying what's

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  8. Full Walther PPK Disassembly and Reassembly


    Full Walther PPK Pistol Disassembly and Reassembly


    First thing’s first for the PPK! Step Number 1 for Disassembly

    Hello and welcome to another takedown video by Legacy Collectibles. I'm Kurt and today I'm going to show you how to take apart a Walther PPK.

    The first thing you want to do when taking apart a PPK is pull down on the trigger guard. As you see here, the forward part of the trigger guard separates from the frame of the gun. In order to remove the slide from the frame, you need to keep this separation between the trigger guard and the frame. We recommend using a business card, credit card, or something that can maintain this separation while freeing up your hands and also protecting the finish on your gun.

    Walther PPK D

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  9. What Linked Nazi Guns to The Swedish Water Authority?


    What Linked Nazi Guns to The Swedish Water Authority?


    Pre 1946 Walther Pistols, Yet Another Scarce Variation Reviewed

    Hey guys. Today we're doing another educational video. Again I'm going to be doing a very scarce variation. This one is not even in the books, at least I've not seen it documented in a book. It is considered a factory variation there was only 100 of them made. I call it the Statens Gun. There's actually three variations of this gun. Of the PPs there's three blocks: there's a block of steel, this is a steel gun and you can see number 7. These were numbered. We have to assume there was about a hundred of these made because we have actually in hand up to number 92. So it would make sense they ordered about 100 of them. But this one is

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  10. WW2 Polish Contract "G2" Walther PPK Pistol Beaut


    WW2 Polish Contract "G2" Walther PPK Pistol Beaut


    Pre 1946 Walther Gem of a Gun

    Hey guys! Today I have a pretty rare Walther PPK I want to show you as part of our educational series about Walthers PPs and PPKs from before 1946. This is one you probably never heard of. I love bringing stuff to you guys that you never heard of and I discovered this variation, it's actually not in any of the books or at least I ever heard about this variation.

    The Polish Contract Variation

    We'll call it the Polish contract variation because if you take a look and right on the frame you see the G2 proof.

    Now the first time somebody handed me one of these and said do you know what this mark is? And I said huh, never saw that

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