Another Huge Gun Haul Revealed

Hey guys, another big week at Legacy collectibles. In fact, we got about 140 guns in, just this week. Now I'm gonna have to break it up and show them to you starting right now.


Jim and Dan are shaking the gun trees

I want to start out by doing a couple of shout-outs. First of all, Jim and Dan are in Wisconsin. They've been up there acting like pickers for legacy collectibles because they shake the trees and guns are falling out. Seriously, they sent me a bunch of really cool guns that are going to be in this video. So I want to highlight those. 


The Allentown Gun Show 

Also, the Allentown gun show, I picked up some guns there. I had dozens of people come up to me, shake hands, and buy a book and I was amazed at how many told me that they actually watched my videos in bed with their spouses. Now, I don't know if it's true, but I've heard it can spice up your love life a little bit, so you might want to try that. 


We also got more Canadian Rescues

Thirdly, I want to point out that I also got a bunch of guns from Canada again, Canadian rescue. If you take a look on my floor, as soon as you see these oven mitts, and these tags, you know they're Canadian rescues. That'll be a whole separate video, so make sure you like and subscribe to our channel and stay tuned. 


Starting the show with a Party Leader

Starting the show with a Party Leader

We're going to start off though, with this party leader in this video. Okay, we'll start off with the gun. Now this grip is the grip that was in the video that I had repaired. If you remember, if you watched that video, there was a large crack right here, it was repaired. I got a lot of comments all positive, so thank you for that. 


Where is the original gun?

Why don't I keep this with the gun that it came with? Well, that's because I got this from Europe. And they couldn't send me the PPK. So it came on a PPK, the PPK was not in great shape. They cannot be imported to the United States. But I was able to buy just the grip and I had it repaired; but now I have to put it on a gun, I don't have to, but I chose to put on a gun. 


Here is the gun I chose to put on

This gun with this serial number, it starts with 226. That's in the right serial range. People always say the right serial range, there isn't in an exact serial range. There's an estimate that these grips were in the party member catalog, the Akah catalog. They were in the catalog in '38 and '39. So we know that this grip was available '38 and '39. In fact, '38 is the first year this grip shows up, at least that we can find from the catalog and from research. '38 was the first year this showed up and this gun is from 1938. 


For transparency

So I am flat out telling you this gun was a gun that had a regular grip; I needed a gun in this serial range to put this party leader grip on and we did put them together. This magazine was with the gun originally and it's a correct Walther banner but duller finish, finger extension magazine. You can see the original finish on this. I'd rate this about 97% - 98%. So it's a very, very nice gun. Crown N proofs for '38 would be correct. 


Here is another gun from the same period

Here is another gun in the same period

And then also not with this gun, but also in the same time period, this came. Actually, this came from the Netherlands. It's a party leader PPK holster. They did make them in tan and this one I call a coffee color darker brown. And then they also have some Black Party leader holsters which I believe are all dyed. You can see this is a later one because it doesn't have the brass stud, it has the aluminum stud. But you could buy these altogether. That's the Akah marking DRGM, that's the initials for the party approval. And then there's an Akah logo here, but you can't really see it. Anyway, this would make a nice get-up if somebody wanted to put this all together. And as I said, this is the repaired grip that I showed in a previous video, and I married it to a gun that I already had in stock. When it comes to the popularity that party leader rig is actually probably one of the most popular guns we sell. 


1940 SS PP

1940 SS PP

And this is a close second. This is actually an SS PP. Now I do have a book. Here's a picture of the cover; I do have the book about SS PPs and PPKs, Walthers. And this would be in the correct serial range. You see the serial number here. And it also has to be on the slide for this variation. It's also numbered on this slide. Now that's a little hard to see. I'll hold it there for a second. So this one does come with one matching magazine. It's easier to see right here and it looks like it's the number two magazine. So an SS PP from about 1940 and it would be -- this particular number here. is not in the book but this range is in the book. And so you'll see the range and it also would come with a black holster with black stitching. These did come together, I can't swear that this is the original one because somebody could have put it together earlier. But this I believe came out of Wisconsin, but this gun and this holster came together. So it's an SS gun with one matching magazine beautiful finish high polish finish, though some fire blue here. The second spare magazine, by the way, is an aftermarket magazine, but it's a nice placeholder for now. 


Late war German PPK

Okay, I'm going to quickly show you three beautiful PPKs. I've already shown you a beautiful PPK and PP. This is a later wore black grip, Waffen stamped, it's in beautiful condition, you can see the finish is almost 99% Maybe 98%. So this is a late we I think early 1944. It does come with a finger extension magazine. And I don't believe the finger extension was included when it was issued to the army. But somewhere along the line, this was issued to a German officer. Early 1944. Somebody added the finger extension; I can swap that out or just leave it alone. But it's just an exceptional example of a late-war PPK issued to the German military. 


The RZM Variation

Then most of you know about the RZM variation. This is in the standard range, which is 820. This is from 1934, late '34, and early '35. It does have some smoothies, whatever you want to call it, there's some pitting that was cleaned off. This undoubtedly was sitting in a holster which had some moisture, held the moisture up against here, and maybe here, and then over here you also see some spots. But that RZM marking is just perfect. It's a reverse embossed RZM marking, that is correct. And you see the fire blue safety with a correct finger extension magazine, Walther banner only. I'll show that a little better, Walther banner-only magazine. This is from 1934 RZM.


Here is an earlier PPK, 1932

And then this one is just pretty cool, because first of all, it's a beautiful gun, nice high polish finish, you see the 90 degrees safety, fire blue finish here. Actually, it's earlier than the RZM this is from about 1932 I believe. So a couple of years earlier than the RZM. And you see the box magazine? That is a pretty rare box magazine, Walther banner and you have to be really careful when you push these in because that hits right there. And if you jam it, you'll crack that piece. So we'll just be really careful. But there's a beautiful Walther PPK with a box magazine, you can see the same thing. It sat in a holster, it has a little bit of corrosion right there. And a little bit -- well not too bad right here actually on top. So this probably sat in a holster. Otherwise, it would be a beautiful 99% but it's got a little bit of corrosion. 


On to the Femarus

On to the Femaru's

Okay, I'm going to show you two Femaru's. What I love about the Femaru and I've done videos about these before, I call them sleepers because they all went to the Luftwaffe. This is the first contract. In fact, it's really early. You can see here, you've got 7000, they actually had a contract for 30,000 that went to the Luftwaffe, and this is among the earliest ones. In fact, it has a different slide. Let me show you the other slide. This is a little bit later. You can see here it is JHV 43. So there was one contract in 41 and it doesn't have the date here. Again, it's a rare early variation that does not have the JHV 41, because it was so early and it does have a matching magazine. You may not be able to see it right there. But right here is the matching magazine comes with one matching magazine. Again 1941, 30,000 of them went to the Luftwaffe. And you see it numbered here, here, and then when I pull a slide back, you can see right here, the barrel is also numbered, and it is all matching. It comes in at 7.65. 


1943 Femaru 

1943 Femaru

Let's look at this one because this one is from 1943. In 1943, there wasn't an order in 42. But in '43, they ordered 60,000 because they liked them so much. They ordered 60,000 but the factory only delivered 30,000 and then they stopped production. So there's another 30,000 of these that were made. This is a number, it's probably a little over because is 62,000, and the same thing, it's numbered here, it's numbered here and then the barrel is also numbered. And then this one also, I believe, has a matching magazine. My eyes are not good enough to see it, but hopefully, you can check that out. 


Check out this Tropical Holster

Check out this Tropical Holster

Now this one came with this tropical holster, which really adds to the value. These holsters are very expensive. They're called Tropical holsters because they went to the North Africa campaign. They also came back to Europe when that campaign was over, but you do see the maker, you do see 41 and then the Luftwaffe is Stamp. 


I paired these together

This one did not come with this gun, but I bought them from the same dealer. This has the same thing it has you can't really see it but there is a 41 there and then there's a very light Luftwaffe stamp underneath it. So another topical holster; and you can see model 37 which is correct and there's a GI, I believe GI name and number so when somebody could research that. But I will sell these together and then these two together. 


Backstory on a French Unique

Okay, now I've got four unique pieces. Actually, we'll start with the unique This is a French unique, you can see it right there. Model 17 I believe. Notice this little lanyard right here, that's known as a French lanyard. And after the war, you'll see PPs that were captured by the French and used by the French police and they added that little lanyard. Maybe Randy can find one but we have sold them. Sometimes people will take that off and then fill in the holes because the PP it is not original and so people don't like it. But the French did add that lanyard for this gun. This is original to the gun, they were issued with that lanyard. Okay, walk down memory lane 7.65. And it does have a Waffen stamp which means this one was made during the German occupation and it is in better condition than most. So we will be offering this one. It's just a beautiful condition, model 17 unique. 


Do you wonder why this one is unique?

You wonder why this one is unique

This is one we haven't had in a long time. They are fairly rare. It is a mountain model 1934 And you see how beautiful it looks. And you think well what's so rare about that because we have them all the time? Here's what makes it rare. That is the eagle 655. Now those of you who collect lugers know that eagle 655 is a Mauser proof and there's a little Eagle test proof. So this one was issued to the German military. That proof mark is from at least about I'd say 1940. So probably in about 1940 They were already starting to make the HSC which also they had HSC marked with the 655 proof. But all that is to say this is a pretty rare gun; we haven't had one in a while and it's in remarkable, gorgeous condition. So this one won't last long. Comes with the correct magazine, again 7.65, that's the magazine that comes with it. 


I suggest you pay attention

I suggest you pay attention

Alright, if you're not sitting down or if you are watching this in bed with your wife, you might want to stop what you're doing and pay attention because this will rock your world. I collect HSCs but don't have a lot of them, but I would say 99 times I can't get it out -- there we go. HSC, Mauser HSC, this is a police model, you can see Eagle L that's police proof. A nice-looking gun from about 1941, I believe, there's the serial number all match. But here's what makes this so special. I started to say I only have about 98% - 99% of them do not have any kind of numbered magazine. This one has one matching magazine, actually looking at that serial number this is more like late 42. 


Isn't that amazing?

So that's the number one magazine. So it's got a matching magazine, again police almost never, only about 1% will have numbered magazines. Number two magazine matching, so there's the gun with one matching, two matching magazines and what the heck! Look at that! The holster matches as well. So matching holster, police marked with two matching magazines. I got about 50 people right now who want this rig and guess what, I wanted it too. I probably will let it go because I can't keep everything but that is a very very rare find and really maybe only a 1% police rig. 


Up next -- two lugers

Now in this grouping, I've got two Lugers to show you so please stay awake. First of all, I opened this up, it's a nice cute little holster, it is a full rig, it has a spare magazine, it is a model two, which is rare enough, Walther model two. I think this was made in like the 1910s. Between 1910 and 1920. It's got some standard wear on it. That's pretty cool, it's a hard find; this little holster is even harder to find. And if you look right here, surprise to me, there is an Akah logo. So this is an Akah, I can see the 2, I think it says group 2. So that corresponds with the model to spare magazine. And one more thing that comes with this. I'll lay this out and just take a look this. I did get a note, I don't want you to look this person up. But this came with a note and thank you, Steve for sending this and sending this document. It doesn't add a whole lot because it's just a story. 


Steve's story about this gun

And he basically says I got this from a Canadian vet about 30 years ago. His name was Sandy Hines, he was shot down over France and helped by the French Resistance. We worked together in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he brought this back  as a souvenir from his time in Europe. So I don't know if it came from Germany or from France but he was helped by the French Resistance. And I guess,  repatriated after the war back to Canada, brought this with him, brought it to Grand Rapids, and he sold it to Steve and Steve just sold it to Legacy Collectibles. So it has a little bit of history to it. Not able to document that history. But it's an interesting story. Unless you know family members of Sandy Hines who was a Canadian vet. 


I have 2 Lugers

I have 2 Lugers

Okay, I'm going to end this video; I will do part two and three later but this video I'm going to show two more Lugers from opposite ends of the spectrum meaning this is from pre-World War I. This is a model 1906 American Eagle, you'll recognize the logo, this was a sales tool to help sell them in the United States. But they put the American eagle on there it was made by DWM, the model isn't 06 because it has the  grip safety as as well as the lever safety here. This is correct where they didn't finish it there. That's one way you know it's original finish. But this safety, you can see  once the safety is off, it's still won't fire until you grip it. And there are several models that have the similar design including US colts and things like that, that will have the grip safety. It comes in 7.65 or 30 caliber Luger. That's the correct magazine, it's blank because it is a commercial gun. 


It's beautiful, with a little wear

It's beautiful, with a little wear

The reason I wanted to show it to you is just look how remarkably beautiful this is. This is in 99% condition, here's a little bit of wear where it the toggle rolls back and hits. So you just see a very little bit of wear there. And you do see a little corrosion right there and here. But otherwise, it's near perfect condition, I would almost venture to say this is about the way it looked when it left the factory sometime after 1906. Notice no stock lug again, because it's commercial gun there was no need for the stock. It never went to the military. It was exported immediately to the United States. And that's the export mark, that's not considered an import mark. This is from the factory, export mark and is correct for this variation. 


Here's the second luger

Here's the second luger

Now the other end of the spectrum would be this gun not nearly as nice, but this is a pretty rare gun because not only is it a BYF 41 somebody's gonna say no, it should be a black widow. No, because this is a KU. I do spend a chapter of the book talking about the KU variation. I don't close the chapter telling you who made these because there's some controversy. I'd say the majority of the people believe that they were parts made by Mauser, we know that from these parts. Also here, the dimple in here that if you read my book, I give you all kinds of indicators that say this is a Mauser frame, all Mauser parts, but at the end of the assembly, they did put a Krieghoff proof there so a lot of people believe that they were parts after 1942 shipped to Krieghoff Khrushchev put them together and they went to the Luftwaffe. So it is a rare variation. This one does have some corrosion. You can see it pretty obviously. There was some pitting that got cleaned up but there is some corrosion, but this can be a very expensive gun especially because it does have the matching magazine. And again if you read my book on Third Reich lugers it'll show you pictures that is the correct font. They did a larger font, and that is the correct font. Also, the grips will have the full serial number stamped into both grips. So the grips are matching, the magazine is matching, pretty rare variation of KU Luger that we believe was put together probably '43 - '44 and went to the Luftwaffe. 


Stay tuned for the Canadian Rescues in the next video

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