10 Gauge Civil War Era Shotgun, Top 4 10 Gauge Shotgun Video Review, & Top 6 Legacy Packing Stories


Table of Contents: 

Section 1: 10 Gauge Civil War Shotgun Examined (fun)

Section 2: Top 4 10 Gauge Shotgun Videos Reviewed and Critiqued (funny)

Section 3: Top 6 Gun Packing Materials in Legacy Collectible History (very funny)



Hey, guys, this morning I decided to do a quickie just for the fun of it. And this one really is going to be fun. I have two parts. I'm going to show you a gun pretty quickly. Not real pretty, but I want to show it to you because it's so unusual. And then secondly, I'm going to start a new feature, which is my top 10 list. So stay tuned. Make sure your watch the whole thing. It will be quick.


10 Gauge Shotgun Walks in our Doors

So this walked in the door. A woman found this in the attic. I guess it was a grandfather who passed away. She found it in the attic. She brought it into us, gave it to us. We were kind of a boy because this is what we might call a junkie. In fact, these kinds of guns, we usually put them on gun broker for a dollar.


We Look for Bargains

And we have a lot of bargains on there. I let the market determine the worth because I'm not sure what this is worth. So as you can see, it's kind of it's all brown patina, pretty corroded. This is really bad on the back. Pretty rusted, actually sat in the attic for a really long time. You can see, oh, you see the crack in the stock in a minute. You were going to find out why that could crack.


This 10 Gauge Shotgun has seen Better Days

I suspect that could crack. And then if you look at the name on it, it says Hyde and Shattuck. And the serial number, which is found under here is number two, 218. Now, number 218 was made in 1885 and Shattuck was a major, major. Shattuck fought in the civil war. And with Andrew Hyde, they started a company in the 1870s. They made shotguns from 1870 to about 1904.


Shattuck and Hyde Don’t Change their Business Model. I Wonder What happens to their business?

Now, the interesting thing about their business model, little perplexing to me because I've owned a few business, including Legacy. And every year we get together and say, what's our goal for next year? And we always bump it up like 15 percent. We want to sell more, do more in their case, make guns. He made exactly 40 of them every year for 24 years, not 41 or 42, but exactly 40. So they had a business model, which was let's just keep doing the same thing over and over.


What’s Cool about this Shotgun?

And it went out of business. And after that, in 1904, they went out of business. But here's what's cool about this shotgun, because I'm your I'm about to lose you. You're going to switch me off because that's not interesting. Here's what after we got it and we paid her for it.


What's really going on with the Bore?

I looked at the boar and I said, what the heck is going on with this? Now, here's a Luger. I just happened to have one laying right by my feet. There's a 9 millimeter and you can see the 10 gauge, 10-gauge shotgun.


Why does anyone need a 10 Gauge Shotgun?

It is a single shot mechanism. Works like this. You pull the front trigger, it opens up a single shot load and cock it and then fire with the back trigger. Very simple action. They were known for being inexpensive shotguns at the time and the 10 gauge. I can't for the life of me understand why anybody needs a 10-gauge shotgun.


Would you shoot a 10 Gauge Shotgun for $100?

I was going to have I have three guys working here and I was going to give them $100. I was going to say, whoever shoots this gun, I'll give you a hundred bucks. But then I decided, you know, good employees are hard to find. So I decided not to do that. And here's a couple of reasons.


Us Shooting this Gun would Effectively Ruin it, So we Did the Next Best thing. Watch 4 Vidoes of People Shooting a 10 Guage! 

First of all, the 10 gauge, we're going to show you some video of that. But listen to this thing. I mean, I don't think it would take too many rounds. It's already cracked. That's why I mentioned is cracked. I don't think this thin, this thin grip handle. I just can't imagine that it would take too many rounds to have this thing fall completely apart. But the fun part of this is I just wanted to see once being shot.


Top 4 Videos of a 10 Gauge Shotgun being Fired


Video #1: Guys Shooting Watermelons with a 10 Gauge Shotgun, it rains Watermelon

So I went to the Internet and I found a couple here's a couple of guys who do a lot of videos and they're just having fun. They start off with a watermelon and then a couple sodas.

Check it out. Three, then go. All right. Say the word. Three to one. Make it watermelon rain. Watermelon, rain. All right. Think of some other things that rain. Say the word. All right. Three, two, one. Hey, that's not fair. Left standing there. What happened?


Video #2: Guy Shooting a bucket with a 10 Gauge Shotgun, it just rains

Oh, well, well, then now I have another one for you. That one of my favorites. They shoot this five-gallon bucket with a lid on it and just watch the lid disappear. When you watch it in slow motion, I actually thought it's gone forever, but it finally comes back to earth.


Video #3:Texas Girl Shooting a 10 Gauge Shotgun for First Time, not the best English

We have to have an obligatory pretty girl shooting a 10 gauge. And of course, there are several of them. I like this one. This girl has to be from Texas. Notice how she pronounces situated just. This is the first time I ever saw.


Video #4 French Girl Shooting a 10 Gauge Shotgun for First Time, may want to change her stance. 

And just for comparison, I want to show you this. And now I saved the best for last. We really shouldn't laugh at this, but this is this is not in English. I mean, I don't want to disparage the French, but it could be French that they're speaking. I'm sure somebody out there will tell me what language is speaking. This guy gets father of the year award. I'm sure if he lived in the United States, they would have child protection agency going over. This is a young girl, probably 100 pounds shooting a 10 gauge. The safety. The safety . Hey, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. I know we shouldn't laugh, but hopefully the girl was not hurt, but I did want to share that with you.


Top ("10") 6 List: Worst Gun Packing Materials in Legacy Collectibles History

Now I have one more feature. You know how David Letterman has the top ten list? I actually have a top ten list, but it starts at number six. And what I want to share with you. We were just reminiscing about over the years.

What was the worst packing materials we ever saw? And so we're going to start with number six. Because I only have six.


# 6 Dirty Socks (Thanks)

Number six, probably other than bubble wrap and gun rugs, we get more than anything else. Dirty socks, guys, just so you know, this is what I mean. When I say a gun rug, we get a lot of these, we ship them in these. But evidently people want to save money. So we get dirty socks.


#5 Dirty Bed Sheets (Thanks very much)

Number two is like the dirty socks we get dirty bedsheets. Now, particularly with rifles, we'll get them. And they are wrapped not with clean bedsheets, dirty bedsheets.


#4 Oven Mitts (Not so bad)

Number four actually isn't too bad. We get regularly from a collector oven mitt now oven mitts that says big, heavy myths that your wife probably uses when she handles the hot oven. And he sent me a brand new oven mitts, which I question. I bought like five guns from him and every one of them was in a brand new oven mitt. So I asked them, what's with the oven mitts? And he said, you know, I got him at the dollar store. These are like two fifty and I can get oven mitts for 1 dollar. So he sends all his guns for years now an oven mitt. I have reused them. I send them out to guys and I put a little note inside. Something for you and something for the Misses. So people appreciate that.


#3 Adult Diapers (Wow)

Number three, and we're going downhill fast. Number three, adult diapers. We do. Thankfully, they're not used, but we do get adult diapers, guns wrapped in those.


#2 Corn Stalks (Different)

I'm on number two, and this is absolutely true. We had a gun wrapped in cornstalks in that mess. He must be from the Midwest. And if you're watching, you know, all due respect, they were dried out corn stalks and he wrapped a gun in corn stalks.


#1 Insulation (You cannot be serious)

OK. Now you're thinking what could be worse? So the number one, Randi, you're telling me and your joke actually, number one. I got a gun and it was wrapped in insulation. You know, when you insulate up in your attic and they have rolls, that's on like a brown paper and then they have the pink insulation. I had a gun that was wrapped in that insulation. So I take the rifle out and I don't want to touch the insulation because it's fiberglass. I'm thinking when I go home, I'll get a pair of gloves, come back.


What did the new Guy Just Do?

So I set it aside. Well, we had just hired a brand new dye. I think it was his third day on the job. And he was he was packing up rifles and he sees this box with the insulation in it and we're sending out an M1 carbine. So, again, third day on the job, he gets the box and the insulation packs it all up and shifts it to one of our customers.


How many times can you Bleep Out a Voice Message?

OK. I didn't you know; I came in the next day. The insulation was gone. I didn't put two and two together. I just figured out somebody threw it away. Well, about a week later on our phone, our phone message, there was a message from one of our customers who said something to the effect, hey, I really like the M1 Carbine but you sent me, but what the bleep in the bleep and he bleep sent me some bleeping insulation. What the bleep is wrong with you people? He went on and on and on and he said, you need to fire that bleep. Whoever did that, you need to fire him.


And anyway, that was one of our favorite days at Legacy collectables. I did apologize to the customer and he was okay with it.


Thank You!

So that is my top ten list of bad things that people used for packing materials. Thanks for watching. And stay tuned for more. Make sure you like and subscribe and share it with a friend. If you haven't done it already, the little bell. Make sure you click that notification so you're notified when we make another video and send it your way.