SOLD - RARE U.S. Army Colt Model 1900 - Sight Safety Model

Type: 1900
Maker: Colt
Caliber: .38
Condition: 85-90%
Bore: 6/10
Year: 1902
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1619 - 06273

9/29/17 - This is the very rare Colt model 1900 pistol in good condition.  This pistol was issued for use by the U.S. Army and features the proper inspectors proof (R.A.C) on the trigger guard.  There were only ~4,300 of these pistols manufactured, all from 1900-1903, with a much smaller portion of that number receiving military issue.  This is a second army contract pistol, when 200 were shipped in lots of 50.  This one was in the third lot, shipped on January 24th, 1901.  To make this pistol even more unique, it still features the original, unaltered pop-up rear sight.  This feature doubled as a firing pin block and a rear sight.  At a point in production, Colt decided to abandon the sight safety and offered to alter any existing examples by removing the sight safety and replacing the device with a plug that was pinned in place.  This pistol has about 85% blue remaining but we have been contacted by a few collectors to let us know that they believe the finish is not original.  The pins should all show fire blue, and on this pistol they do not, telling us it's an old refinish.  The most notable finish loss is on the straps and underside of the frame.  The slide legend is slightly worn from use and age, making the Colt logo somewhat faint.  The grips show no major cracks or chips, and the bore has no major issues aside from frosting throughout.  The serial number (1619) is in the correct range, and if you happen to also want the consecutively numbered #1618, we can put you in touch with the collector friend who owns that gun.  

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Free Shipping No
Condition 85-90%
Bore 6/10
Maker Colt
Year 1902
Type 1900
Caliber .38