SOLD - Nazi Walther G43 Sniper Rifle - ac 44

Type: G43
Maker: Walther
Caliber: 7.92x57mm
Condition: Excellent
Bore: 9/10
Year: 1944
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8610i - 09528
5/3/19 - This is an excellent late-war example of a Walther G43 sniper rifle, marked 'ac 44' on receiver. The original finish shows minimal finish loss but the machining and finish is generally rough, which is common for these. The wood on the stock is excellent with a correct waffen stamp and is faintly numbered but matching to the receiver (possibly lightly sanded). All numbers are matching. The handguard is the unique Durofol which adds to the value as this was a rare option. Also includes the front site hood and cleaning rod. The buttplate is most likely reproduction as it does not fit well onto the stock and looks new. No accessories in the compartment. The gun also comes with the ZF 4 original German scope. Good condition and serviceable, but the optics are cloudy. The scope mount is waffen proofed (eagle 214), but we believe to be reproduction. The lever on the mount functions well. In addition - we could not get it off without considerable effort so we are leaving it on and will ship with the scope on the gun. The front of the scope mount looks like someone whacked at it a bit to get it off. See the photo in the listing. We decided to not add to the whacking ! Two replacement screws in the mount holding the scope on (certainly could be improved upon). The rifle includes the correct "aye" original magazine and an original leather sling. Overall a very functional and nice looking Nazi German sniper rifle. Excellent bore.
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Free Shipping No
Condition Excellent
Bore 9/10
Maker Walther
Year 1944
Type G43
Caliber 7.92x57mm