SOLD - Excellent Husqvarna Lahti Model 40 Rig - Danish Contract

Type: M/40
Maker: Husqvarna
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: 98+%
Bore: 9/10
Year: 1940-46
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D5336 - 06491

11/3/17 - The Husqvarna Model 40 or m/40 was manufactured 1940 to 1946 and was a Swedish copy of the Finnish Lahti pistol. The Swedish army realized there would be a shortage of pistols in the event of large scale military mobilization in Europe. Originally adopting the Walther P38 in 1939, Germany's entry into World War II stopped the export of P38s to Sweden.  To compensate, Sweden adopted the Lahti pistol but was unable to import L-35-type guns because of Finland's conflicts with the USSR.  Production was licensed to Svenska Automatvapen AB but the immediate collapse of the company passed the contract to Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag.  The first m/40s were delivered to the Swedish military by 1942 with slight differences from the Finnish L-35 Lahtis.  The grips of the m/40 have the Husqvarna "crown H" motif engraved and the front sight was slightly larger. The barrel is also slightly longer on the m/40 than the Finnish Lahti with the m/40's trigger guard being heavier, and the pistol does not have the loaded chamber indicator and lock-retaining spring of the Finnish Lahti.   This particular pistol is part of a smaller Danish contract, as evidenced by the D-prefix in the serial.  The finish on this pistol rates at over 98%, with minor muzzle wear on the left side.  The pistol is all correct and original.  Comes as part of a full rig, with tool, two spare magazines and a Husqvarna marked holster.  All pieces included range from very good to excellent, and the pistol has an excellent bore.  

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Condition 98+%
Bore 9/10
Maker Husqvarna
Year 1940-46
Type M/40
Caliber 9mm