I've seen lots of different RZM M7 / xxx maker codes over the years. I had no idea how many there actually were. A little research tells me there were 129 makers total! Does anyone know why there were so many? Maybe this was an effort to improve the economy and give people jobs as well as increase sentiment towards the war effort in Germany. From what I found, there were 82 original makers under the RZM code as of 1938 (published by the nazi political party in 1938), and then later in 1938-1939 they added more, but some (numbers 10, 26, 39, 69, 75, 81, 82, 87, 90, 96, 100, 105, 106, 113, and 116) were 'withdrawn' from production permissions. Once Austria was annexed by Germany, about 10 more were added to get the total list we have today (this also explains why the numbers are in sequence and then jump at the end. Perhaps the nazis were planning on having MANY more maker codes).

Not sure what production numbers were like from each, but I'm sure some are more scarce than others when collecting today. If anyone has an idea of production numbers I welcome you to post and inform us!

The maker codes I found are as follows:


M7 /1 Gebruder Christians, Christianswerk, Solingen
M7 /2 Emil Voos Waffenfabrik, Solingen
M7 /3 Kuno Ritter, Solingen-Grafrath
M7 /4 August Muller KG., Solingen-Merscheid
M7 /5 Carl Julius Krebs, Solingen
M7 /6 H. & F. Lauterjung, Solingen
M7 /7 Hermann Konejung, Solingen
M7 /8 Eduard Gembruch, Solingen-Grafrath
M7 /9 SMF - Solinger Metallwaffenfabrik Stoecker & Co., Solingen
M7 /10 J. A. Henckels, Solingen
M7 /11 E. Knecht & Co., Solingen
M7 /12 WMW - Waffenfabrik Max Weyersberg, Solingen
M7 /12 Carl Robert Kaldenbach ( This producer is under review and is known only to have the RZM Permit M7/72 )
M7 /13 Arthur Schuttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald
M7 /14 R D. Luneschloss, Solingen
M7 /15 Carl & Robert Linder, Solingen
M7 /16 Justus Brenger & Co., Solingen-Wald
M7 /17 A. Werth, Solingen
M7 /18 Richard Abr. Herder, Solingen
M7 /19 Edward Wusthof Dreizackwerk, Solingen
M7 /20 Ernst Mandewirth, Solingen
M7 /21 Hermann Schneider, Solingen
M7 /22 Wilhelm Weltersbach, Solingen
M7 /23 Carl Halbach, Solingen
M7 /24 Reinhard Weyersberg, Solingen
M7 /25 Wilhelm Wagner, Solingen-Merscheid
M7 /25 Jostes & Co., Solingen (duplicate)
M7 /26 Carl August Meis, G.m.b.H., Solingen
M7 /27 Pumawerk (Lauterjung & Sohn), Solingen
M7 /28 Gustav Felix, Gloriawerk, Solingen
M7 /29 Klittermann & Moog G.m.b.H., Haan
M7 /29 Jacobs & Co. (duplicate)
M7 /30 Gebruder Grafrath, Solingen-Widden
M7 /31 August Merten Mw., Solingen-Grafrath
M7 /32 Robt. Muller, Solingen-Merscheid
M7 /33 F W. Holler, Solingen
M7 /33 P.u.A. Duenzer, Solingen (duplicate)
M7 /34 Rudolf C. Jacobs, Solingen-Grafrath
M7 /35 Wilhelm Halback, Solingen
M7 /36 E. & F. Horster, Solingen
M7 /37 Robert Klaas, Solingen-Ohligs
M7 /38 Paul Seilheimer, Solingen
M7 /39 Franz Steinhoff, Solingen-Wald
M7 /40 Hartkopf & Co., Solingen
M7 /41 Rudolf Schmidt, Solingen
M7 /42 W.K.C. (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co.) Waffenfabrik, Solingen-Wald
M7 /43 Paul Weyersberg & Co., Solingen
M7 /44 F. W. Backhaus, Solingen-Obligs
M7 /45 Karl Bocker, Solingen
M7 /45 Ottersbach & Co., Solingen (duplicate)
M7 /46 Emil Gierling, Solingen
M7 /47 Paul Ebel, Solingen
M7 /48 Otto Simon, Steinbach
M7 /49 Friedrich Herder A.S., Solingen
M7 /50 Gebruder Heller, G.m.b.H., Marienthal
M7 /51 Anton Wingen, Jr., Solingen
M7 /52 Herbertz & Meurer, Solingen-Grafrath
M7 /53 Nach. Gustav Weyersberg, Solingen
M7 /54 Gottfried Muller, Rerges-Vogtei
M7 /55 Robert Herder, Solingen-Ohligs
M7 /56 C. D. Schaaf, Solingen
M7 /57 Peter Lungstrass, Solingen-Ohligs
M7 /58 Louis Perlmann, Solingen
M7 /59 C. Lutters & Co., Solingen
M7 /60 Gustav L. Koller, Solingen
M7 /61 Carl Tillmans Sohn KG., Solingen
M7 /62 Friedrich Plucker Jr, Solingen-Grafrath
M7 /63 Herder & Engels, Solingen-Ohligs
M7 /64 Friedr. Geigis, Solingen-Foche
M7 /65 Karl Heidelberg, Solingen
M7 /66 Carl Eickorn, Solingen
M7 /67 Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Solingen-Foche
M7 /68 Tigerwerk Lauterjung & Co., Solingen
M7 /69 H.A. Erbe AG., Schmalkalden
M7 /70 David Malsch, Steinbach
M7 /71 Herm. Hahn, Solingen-Wald
M7 /72 Karl Rob. Kaldenbach, Solingen-Grafrath
M7 /73 F u. A. Helbing, Steinbach
M7 /74 Friedrich Aug. Schmitz, Solingen
M7 /75 Boker & Co., Solingen
M7 /76 Herbeck & Meyer, Solingen-Weyer
M7 /77 Gustav Schmeider, Solingen
M7 /78 Herm. Linder Sohn, Solingen
M7 /79 C. Bertram Reinhard & Sohn, Solingen
M7 /80 Gustav C. Spitzer, Solingen
M7 /81 Karl Tiegel, Riemberg
M7 /82 Gebruder Born, Solingen
M7 /83 Richard Pluemacher Sohn, Solingen
M7 /84 Carl Schmidt Sohn, Solingen
M7 /85 Arthur Evertz, Solingen
M7 /86 Kuno Liemscheid & Co., Solingen auf der Hohe
M7 /87 Maich & Ambrom, Steinbach
M7 /88 Juliuswerk-J. Schmidt & Sohn, Riemberg i. Schlesien
M7 /89 Ernst Mandewirth, Solingen
M7 /90 Eickelnberg & Mack, Solingen
M7 /91 Carl Spitzer, Malsch
M7 /92 Peter Daniel Krebs, Solingen
M7 /93 Ewald Cleff, Solingen
M7 /94 Gebruder Bell, Solingen-Grafarth
M7 /95 J. A. Schmidt & Sohn, Solingen
M7 /96 Drees & Sohn, Solingen
M7 /97 F Koeller & Co., Solingen-Ohligs
M7 /98 Ernst Erich Witte, Solingen
M7 /99 Franz Weinrank, Wien
M7 /100 Franz Pils & Sobn, Wien
M7 /101 Fritz Weber, Wien
M7 /102 Franz Pils & Sohn, Steinbach am St.
M7 /103 Josef Hack, Steyr (Ober-Donau)
M7 /104 Ludwig Zeitler, Wien
M7 /105 Rudolf Wurzer, St. Christophen
M7 /106 Georg Kerschbaumer, Steinbach an der Steyr
M7 /108 Karl Oschmann & Co., Brotterode i. Th.
M7 /109 Thomas Weilpotz, Solingen-Huscheid
M7 /110 Felbeck & Pickard, Solingen
M7 /111 H. Herder, Solingen
M7 /112 Carl Wusthof-Gladiatorwerk, Solingen
M7 /113 Berndorfer Metaliwarenfabrik - Arthur Krupp AG., Berndorf
M7 /114 Hugo Linder C. W. Sohn, Solingen-Weyer
M7 /115 Erhardt Reich, Schwcina
M7 /116 Franz Frenzel, Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
M7 /117 Julius Pilz Sohn, Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
M7 /118 Jacobs & Co., Solingen-Grafrath
M7 /163 E. & A. Helbig, Steinbach
M7 /183 Ernst E. Witte (Kroneck), Solingen
M7 /941 Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
M7 /1051 Robert Klaas, Solingen
M7 /1053 P. D. Luneschloss, Solingen
M7 /1164 David Malsch, Steinbach Krm.
M7 /1166 Emil Voos, Solingen
M7 /1197 C. Gustav Spitzer, Solingen
M7 /1211 E. Pack & Sohn, Solingen
M7 /1221 Carl Malsch-Spitzer, Steinbach
M7 /1222 J.A. Schmidt & Sohn, Solingen

*most of this information was found on the european war relics forum.