SOLD - Walther PP - Duraluminum Frame

Type: PP
Maker: Walther
Caliber: 7.65mm
Condition: 93-96%
Bore: 10/10
Year: 1942
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10/16/17 - This is a very nice Walther PP with duraluminum frame.  The slide is near-mint but the straps show an odd light color to the finish that may be wear or may have been how it left the victory when you consider how minty the rest of the pistol is.  Nice grips with no cracks or chips.  Minty bore.  Holster is in excellent condition but not positive if it is wartime or a postwar reproduction, so we've added no value for it.  

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Free Shipping No
Condition 93-96%
Bore 10/10
Maker Walther
Year 1942
Type PP
Caliber 7.65mm