SOLD - Regimental 1914 Erfurt Artillery Luger Rig - Matching Mag & Stock

Type: LP.08
Maker: Erfurt
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: 97+%
Bore: 8/10
Year: 1914
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265 - 10596
10/31/19 - This is a very rare and complete Erfurt Artillery Luger rig from 1914. A few aspects of this listing make it such a unique find. Firstly, the matching stock and magazine are present, and you may go more than a year without seeing a 1914 Erfurt LP.08 up for sale with those features. Secondly, the pistol has a very early serial and is one of the first LP.08s that Erfurt produced. Thirdly, only ~23,000 Erfurt LP.08s were produced, and only an estimated 2% received regimental markings like the one above, meaning there are fewer than 500 such examples were issued. Factor in the matching stock and magazine and there may be fewer than 10-20 comparable rigs in U.S. collections. The same regimental marking can be found on the stock and the front strap of the pistol, and reads '172.R.9.6' for 172nd Infantry, 9th Company, gun number 6. The pistol itself has a beautiful blued finish that rates at about 97% with minor high edge wear and a spot of finish loss on the bottom of the front strap. Upon closer inspection of the front strap, we found a few very small pits that appear to have bluing over them. This gives us pause, as this is a sign of potential refinish or touching up. If this pistol was touched up at some point, we figure it was a while ago as there are still signs of aging on the front strap. Consequently, we've reduced the price (if we had no doubts about the finish this would be a $9500 listing). All small parts are properly Erfurt marked, even the grip screws. One matching magazine is present, and the rig includes a holster, stock, tool, cleaning rod, straps, mag pouch and two spare magazines. The spares are WWI era military magazines but mismatched to the pistol. The holster is 1916 dated and maker marked to Sattler Janung of Hannover. The mag pouch is unmarked brown leather. The stock is in good condition with no major defects, has sharp regimental marking and matching serial to the pistol. The takedown tool is original and has proper Imperial marking. Original cleaning rod completes the assembly.
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Condition 97+%
Bore 8/10
Caliber 9mm
Maker Erfurt
Year 1914
Type LP.08