SOLD - Modified byf 43 Mauser P.38

Type: P.38
Maker: Mauser
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: 92%
Bore: 10/10
Year: 1943
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9832 - 06718

12/12/17 -  This is a very nice example of a Mauser made P.38 from 1943 - 2nd year of production.  It is all matching serial numbers including the slide, frame, barrel and locking block.  It also has the correct Nazi Army acceptance proofs - Eagle/135.  Even the magazine is Eagle/135 proofed.  Excellent grips and bore.  There is very little wear to the original finish with the exception of the front grip strap which shows significant thinning.   The gun also has a very minor modification - never seen this before and no idea who did it but it is very well done.   If you look at the back of the slide, you will see three pins.  The middle pin is factory as it is the signal indictor pin (to tell you when the gun is loaded).  But the other two pins on either side are added.   What is the purpose?  The pins fit in there snuggly but easy to pull out with plyers. When out the rear site wobbles a bit.  Not badly but a bit loose.   When the pins are it, it is all tight again.   So it serves a purpose but someone went to a lot of trouble to shore up a loose piece.   Anyway, the gun functions well.  In fact it is in excellent condition and a great shooter.   Price reduced for the non-factory modification.

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Condition 92%
Bore 10/10
Maker Mauser
Year 1943
Type P.38
Caliber 9mm