SOLD - Excellent 1940 Nazi Mauser Luger - Very Rare Variant

Type: P.08
Maker: Mauser
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: ~97%
Bore: 8.5/10
Year: 1940
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1084x - 15622
6/30/21 - Exceptional example of a very rare Mauser Banner Luger diverted from a police contract to the German Army in early 1940. Principal markings include: “1084x” (serial number); “MAUSER” banner logo (manufacturer); “1940” (date of manufacture); eagle over “655” (German military acceptance stamp); eagle over “N” (commercial acceptance stamp). All of the 10,000 “x” suffix Lugers made in 1939 and 1940 were intended to fill a police contract (excepting 298 earmarked for commercial sales). Interestingly, 923 pistols from this police contract were diverted to the Army in late 1939 and early 1940. These Lugers can be identified because they possess the following characteristics: Since they were taken from Police production, they all have the small hole on the left side drilled for installation of a sear safety (though the sear safety is not installed on any of these Lugers). The Police contract required a sear safety (in addition to the standard safety), but the Army specifications only stipulated installation of the traditional safety. All of the pistols diverted to the Army have two eagle over “655” military acceptance stamps on the right side of the frame. German Army Lugers typically also have a third stamp (eagle with swastika), but this stamp was not required in this case because the barrel pressure test had already been performed – as indicated by the commercial eagle over “N” proof. The serial number must fall between 602x and 1547x. Note: Please see the reference book The Mauser Parabellum by Don R. Hallock and Joop van de Kant for a detailed discussion of these pistols on pages 299 and 362-363. The condition is Excellent with 97% of the blue remaining. There are some very light scratches on the left side of the frame above the grip panel, but they are difficult to see and do not detract from the overall aesthetics of the pistol. The bore is also very nice and the wooden grips are minty with no dings or chips. The grips are also serial numbered to the gun, which is not always the case with Lugers made in 1940. The pistol is fully functioning and all of the serial numbers match. The magazine is a German Army replacement without a serial number and bearing a single eagle over “655” military acceptance stamp (which is the correct Army replacement magazine for this pistol). As designated by the “MAUSER” banner logo, this Luger was made by Mauser-Werke AG, Oberndorf am Nekar. Based on the serial number, it was made in January or February 1940. Examples of this very rare variant (one of only 923) are exceedingly hard to find, much less one with all matching serial numbers in excellent condition.
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Condition ~97%
Bore 8.5/10
Caliber 9mm
Maker Mauser
Year 1940
Type P.08