SOLD - 1939 P.38 Holster

Type: P.38
Maker: C.Pose
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: Good
Bore: N/A
Year: 1939
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11/10/17 - This is an extremely rare 1939 dated P.38 holster! These early P.38 holsters are unheard of, and are often mistaken with CZ-39 holsters. So, when this holster came across my desk, my first reaction is to assume CZ-39. However, upon further inspection of the proofs on the back leather, and the lack of leather tab on the interior of the magazine pouch, we've concluded this is an original P.38 holster made in 1939! The back stamps are C. Pose maker, and waffen WaA100, which are seen with other Walther holsters from the time. The waffen 100 is found on PPK holsters, made by the same maker. It makes sense that this maker would be also making a few P.38 holsters for Walther as well. The black leather is fairly weak and worn, and pliable overall. The exterior ahs some surface cracking, but other experts claim that the other 1939 P.38 holsters they've seen (though very few) were in similar condition. The closure strap appears to be replacement, but otherwise the leather is all original. The stitching appears all original as well with no major issues. Guaranteed original and authentic. 

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Condition Good
Maker C.Pose
Year 1939
Type P.38
Caliber 9mm