SOLD - Lithgow Lee Enfield No. 1 Mark III - JJ Co.

Type: S.M.L.E. III
Maker: J.J. Co. / Lithgow
Caliber: .303 Enfield
Condition: Excellent
Bore: 10/10
Year: 1945
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824A - 12163
7/6/20 - This is an original Lithgow Enfield S.M.L.E. Mark III rifle, put together by JJ Co. just after the end of WW2. JJ Co. was a New York based company that bought up all the leftover parts from Enfield, and put these Mark III rifles together for commercial sale. There is a very small "JJC NY" stamp on the receiver to indicate this. This rifle was put together from Australian Lithgow parts, and is in excellent condition. The metal parts all have dark finish, and the receiver is dated 1945. The serial number is low, 824A, which means this is one of the earlier JJ Co. put together guns. The bolt is matching. The bayonet lug is close in number, but mismatching numbered 834A. Very smooth action and mechanically sound with a minty bore. Most of the small parts are stamped "BA". The stock is minty condition with "SLAZ 42" stamped near the trigger guard, and "SLAZ 43" stamped on the underside of the barrel / foregrip. Comes with a minty 1941 dated canvas sling. Also comes with an original tag from JJ Co.
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Condition Excellent
Bore 10/10
Caliber .303 Enfield
Maker J.J. Co. / Lithgow
Year 1945
Type S.M.L.E. III