1945 Springfield M1 Garand

Type: M1 Garand
Maker: Springfield
Caliber: .30-06
Condition: ~96%
Bore: Mint
Year: 1945
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11/23/22 - This is a nice example of a Springfield M1 Garand issued to the US military during WW2. The receiver dates to early 1945. The barrel is Springfield marked and dated January of 1945. The stock has the proper cross canon cartouche and SA acceptance stamp but there is a faint "RIA EB" marking on the left side of the butt stock, indicating this gun was reworked at the Rock Island Arsenal at some point. Overall, the gun is in very nice condition, retaining about 96% of its finish. The majority of the wear is around the muzzle. While there is very little actual finish loss, there is some light spotty brown patina under the finish on the receiver. Oxidation on the rear-most barrel band. The stock has no major damage, but it is quite rough. There are noticeable dings, dents, and bruises throughout. An area of noticeable scratching on the left side, an area of finish loss on the right side of the butt stock where it looks like a rack number was removed. The color of the handguards does not match the rest of the stock. Throat reading: 1. Muzzle reading: 1. The bore is shiny with good rifling, but there is some spotty oxidation here and there.
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Free Shipping No
Condition ~96%
Bore Mint
Maker Springfield
Year 1945
Type M1 Garand
Caliber .30-06