Mauser HSc Pistol - Hardcover Edition (Revised)

We are offering for sale a limited number of hardcover copies to the Mauser HSc pistol. The booklet is approximately 75 pages in 8½” x 11” format. It includes more than 100 grey scale illustrations and charts. Very useful book on the different variations of the Mauser HSc pistol.

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5/9/14 - This is the second print, a revised edition with some additional information. The book is the lifework and research from the two co-authors. They cover all of the Mauser HSc pistols from early production through WW2, and up until recent model productions. TABLE of CONTENTS:

Introduction Pistol



HSc Features (Including Parts List and Disassembly)

Proof Marks

Acceptance Marks

Serial Numbering

Mark Locator

The War Years Post-War Production

The New Model HSc

Mark Locator


Serial Number Chart (I) Wartime Production Chart (II) Variation Charts (III) (With Still’s “Axis Pistols” Variations) Patent Listing (IV) KM Inspection Offices (V) Firearms Glossary (VI) Bibliography Reference Notes

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