Nazi Police "Eagle F" Walther PPK with a Factory Error


Nazi Police Eagle "F" Error

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A factory error pistol

What I got in actually yesterday, we'll make it a walk-in... Actually yesterday was Wednesday, so this is truly a walk-in Wednesday. I got what I think is a factory error pistol. You may not recognize it right away as a factory error but I'll have to go through it. I will have to get a close-up of the Eagle F. But this is an Eagle F PPK. Now you can see that it has like a plum color. One thing you can see right away it has a black grip, so that tells me it's a late war, the serial number is 423 and you can see the plum color, but the most important part is the Eagle F on the frame.

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Now you think well what's the big deal? This is probably the only one I've ever seen, you can chime in and let me know if you're a collector, avid collector maybe somebody else has seen one before. But because I've never seen this variation before I believe it was probably a factory error.

What's different about it?

Now here's what's different about it. This is steel frame, steel slide Eagle F. Those of you who collect Walthers know right away ding ding ding something's not right here. It's because all of the Eagle F PPKs that are recorded, and there's 1,200 that were made and far fewer, less than half of that that are in collectors hands, the Eagle F variation always has an aluminum frame. Every single one that we've ever seen has an aluminum frame. 

How do we identify Aluminum Frames

Now the way to recognize the aluminum frame I can tell picking it up it's a lot lighter. Aluminum frame, but also and I've talked about this before right in the injection port there's a line right there where the aluminum frame meets the steel barrel. Of course the barrel can't be aluminum, but you can see a line right there where the aluminum meets the steel. And because of the weight, again a late-war that's in the correct serial range, this one is 428. I'll get you a close-up, there's 428, it's eagle N proofed. As I said they made about 1200 of them, it has the Eagle F, there's an eagle F marking and these are pretty rare, they're desirable. 

What is Eagle F?

The Eagle F by the way is just a police inspection proof. So the person that did the inspection his last name began with an F. I don't know who it is, it probably lost a history but if you know let me know but just like if you collect World War II 1911 A1s you know that the early ones were RS for Robert Sears and then there was WB, not Warner Brothers but the initials of the inspector and then it went to GHD, Drewry. The inspectors put their initials on the gun. Well the Eagle F was a Nazi eagle, F was the last name of the inspector and he only did 1200 aluminum frame Walther PPKs in 1944. 

There must have been a factory error

This one is Eagle F 1944 but all steel. Now there was also in 1944 Eagle F PPs. This one happens to have wooden grips, very nice. It's 1944 from the serial number, we can see. It has Eagle N proofs and the Eagle F on the frame is right there. So that's the inspector proof. The factory error had to have been either this was taken off the factory thinking it was a PP and so it went with this contract. So, in other words, the police said we want 30 of these and 50 of these. Oh let me back up and say they made about 6,000 of these versus 1200 of the PPKs. So the PP was more popular, both of them are .32 caliber, PP was more popular. They put in an order and so they say we want 50 of these and 100 of these. They grabbed him off the factory, the inspector stamped it, he must have been drinking the night before, was well hung over and he made a mistake and this was supposed to be a PP but he stamped it Eagle F and it is a PPK. 

Another theory!

Or the other factory error theory would be, they ordered 30 of these in aluminum frame, he grabbed 29 and accidentally grabbed one that was steel. Whatever the case I don't think this is a known variation. Meaning if there's no more than one it has to be a factory error. If you find another one let me know and by the way those of you who say oh the Germans were fastidious, they never would have made that error, yes they would. 

The Germans made mistakes too

I have logos that are upside down, Walther banners that are upside down, I have PPs that are marked PPK and PPKs that are marked PP. So yes they did make factory errors, I believe this is a factory error. So a very cool gun, a very nice find, I got it in yesterday. The seller wants a premium because of the factory error and I'm still negotiating the price so we haven't resolved that yet. But a very rare gun that I just wanted to show you. If you know of another one it would be an Eagle F, steel frame, PPK from the late war period please let us know. 

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