Mauser HSc Disassembly and Reassembly (Detailed Guide)

Legacy collectibles customers are often asking us how to take apart the guns we sell. So today I'm going to show you how to take apart a Mauser HSC.


Push Down on Small Knob to Release Slide

Notice how the magazine still stays inside the gun. Next, you want to put the safety into the safe position on the interior of the trigger guard is a small knob that you need to push down in order to release the slide. We recommend you use a pen to push the button down, because sometimes it can be hard on your thumbs.


Simultaneously Apply Forward Pressure to Slide

As you push the button down, you want to apply forward pressure to the slide with your other hand. Just a slight amount of forward pressure while holding the button down can release the slide from the frame.


Check out the 3 Numbers

On the interior of the slide, you'll see three numbers that should match the last three numbers on the front strap of the frame. Here you see we have three numbers 8 3 1. Then you'll notice the last three numbers on the front strap of this frame are 8 3 1. This gun is matching



To get the gun back together. You're just going to do the same process in reverse.


Cock Hammer and Lower Slide onto Frame

Make sure the hammer is cocked, lower the slide onto the frame, and provide a little bit of backward pressure. This will make the slide in frame line back up.


Take Safety Off

Then you can take the safety off, decock the hammer and you're all done.


You’re Done!

This concludes the first ever take home video published by Legacy. Collectables. Be sure to like and subscribe and we'll keep publishing.

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