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Provided below are web links for several beneficial resources regarding product information and discussion forums. This knowledge base was created as a useful tool for both new and veteran collectors.  Also, please take a moment to browse our updated orphan magazine list. 

If you have any suggestions for our expanding resource list, please email with information.

  •  - Find information on all variations of the P38, including a gallery with descriptions of the pistols and accessories.
  •  - This site is suitable for all levels of collectors.  Poncho’s site provides several examples of World War 2 era pistols, along with a gallery and descriptions.
  • - Created by Jan Still, author of Axis Pistol, this site provides live chat platforms so that collectors can learn, discuss and obtain information from communities all around the world

Check out our list of Orphan Magazines!

 Walther PPK/PP Orphan Mag List

P.38 Orphan Mag List

Please feel free to email us at with your orphan magazines or magazines you are looking for and we will add them to our list.

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