SOLD - Unique, Case Hardened Walther PP - In Box

Type: PP
Maker: Walther
Caliber: 7.65mm
Condition: Mint
Bore: Mint
Year: 1934
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1/2/20 - In 30 years of collecting, I have never seen a Walther PP like this one. Check it out and see what you think! Here we have a 1934-35 manufactured Walther PP, like NEW in the box. The box is hand numbered to the gun and looks to be original. It comes with all of the proper accessories, including an original manual. All of this would be very desirable, but what sets this listing apart from all others is the finish on the PP. Your attention is first drawn to the grips. The coloration is that of a PPK, rather than the typical PP grips. Yet the factory DID make these special grips only for presentation guns and verchromt finish PP's. Also notice the brown finger extension bottom; again, typically for a PPK. Now, lets examine the finish. It looks to be 99% and all original but check out the case hardening on the front of the muzzle, the back of the slide and the ejection port. I have seen a good number of presentation Walthers, but never one like this. I don't believe anyone did this postwar. My experience would suggest two options: 1) A factory original gun with unique finish and grips. Possibly one of a kind. Or 2) It was a special order in 1935 by a large German retailer who did the special finish and offered this in their retail shops. We offered a similar engraved PPK by Stuhl and Berger Retailer. See this link: .

Whether this is factory original, or period finished by a specialty retailer, it is extremely rare and we believe quite valuable. I observed this gun about 6 years ago, being sold by a competitor for about $8500. I don't know what it sold for, but we are offering for considerably less.

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Free Shipping No
Condition Mint
Bore Mint
Caliber 7.65mm
Maker Walther
Year 1934
Type PP