SOLD - Ultra Rare, Minty 1913 Commercial DWM Luger

Type: P.08
Maker: DWM
Caliber: 8.5/10
Condition: 98+%
Bore: 9/10
Year: ~1913
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71175 - 12745
9/21/20 - These later DWM model 1913 Lugers are really an enigma within the Luger community and generally fall within a very narrow serial number range, generally accepted as being in the 71,000-72,000 range however with so few examples even seen it is very difficult to quantify that serial number range as being definitive. It is readily accepted however that the 1914 Commercial Lugers started with serial number in the 71,500 range so this pistol was clearly produced before that model supporting that this is a very rare 1913 Commercial Luger. The key aspects in determining a true Model 1913 commercial is that it is manufactured with the five digit commercial serial number, generally associated with this model, it has no stock lug, which indicates it's a pre-1914 model and it has the easily identifiable, old style 1906 pattern frame that utilized a grip safety. Interestingly, this model has the stock lug AND the grip safety, where as the 1914 would only have the stock lug. This is the first we've encountered of the ultra rare 1913 variation, so we are unsure if this is an even more rare transitional model between the two. The finish appears original and excellent with just a bit of muzzle wear on the left side, and a tiny bit of freckling on the right side of the receiver. Rare, original magazine with marking 'Cal 9m/m' on the bottom. The grips are minty and fit very well but left panel is not numbered and right panel is mismatched. The only previous auction sale I could find for the 1913 variation sold for over $20k at Rock Island in 2012, though that one did not have the stock lug.
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Free Shipping No
Condition 98+%
Bore 9/10
Maker DWM
Year ~1913
Type P.08
Caliber 8.5/10