SOLD - Scarce Nazi K43 Sniper Rifle - qve 45

Type: K43
Maker: Mauser
Caliber: 7.92x57mm
Condition: Very Good
Bore: 8/10
Year: 1945
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8140 - 08554
10/31/18 - This is the most uncommon variation of the German G43(K43) rifle, made in the final months of the war, around February-March of 1945. It was made at the Berliner Lubecker factory, which was assigned a 'qve' code in 1945 instead of the previous 'bcd' code. With a total of about 60,000 rifles made, this variation is one of the least encountered by the collectors and exhibits the late war rough machining and bluing. The gun is all original and matching, including the receiver, bolt and the buttstock. The serial number is a rare “no suffix” serial. The rifle is correctly proofed on the receiver and on the buttstock. The blue is nearly all present and is a typical late war thin blue. The stock is all original with sharp waffenamts and a serial number on the underside behind the pistol grip. The hand guard on these gun was made either of plastic or wood, which was usually varnished, unlike the rest of the stock that was left unfinished. There are no cracks in the stock or the hand guard. The buttplate is the correct late war type. Bore is shiny with strong rifling, showing only minor frost. Rifle comes with an original ZF4 scope with excellent optics. It is correctly marked with a triangle signifying cold weather use. The scope rings and the mount appear to be a very well made reproduction, although it is hard to tell from an original and has an Eagle/214 waffenamt. The sling appears to be a very high quality reproduction as well. Rifle also comes with a scarce MG13 machine gun 25 round magazine that works well with the rifle. It was made in 1935 and has multiple waffenamts on it. All in all, just a great example of a desirable late war sniper rifle.
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Condition Very Good
Bore 8/10
Caliber 7.92x57mm
Maker Mauser
Year 1945
Type K43