SOLD - Scarce Leatherwood Art II Scope & Case - Gulf War

Type: ART II
Maker: Leatherwood
Caliber: N/A
Condition: Very Good
Bore: N/A
Year: Gulf War
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2/13/20 - This is a vintage Leatherwood ART II 3-9x Rifle Scope in original condition. The scope shows minor scuffs and edge wear but is in very good condition overall. The optics are pretty clear, and functionality seems in good working order. Comes with original green hard case. The Adjustable Ranging Telescope (ART) design was used by the US military from Vietnam through the Gulf War, making it one of the longest serving sniper optics in the US. Like Redfield and Unertl, the ART was a sniper scope used for decades. This scope would be an excellent addition to a vintage Mx21/Mx25 or Mx14/Mx1A platform. Below is a description of the ART II copied from the manual: The ART II is a 3 x 9 power scope that compensates for bullet drop and allows the shooter to aim "dead-on" at the target instead of allowing for bullet drop by "holding=over". Carefully crafted of the finest materials with hand assembly, the ART II is expressly designed for accurate long range shooting, and will withstand the rigors of hard and constant use in the field. Durably built, it does not rely on fragile internal mechanisms to function, but utilizes a unique circular cam that actually raises and lowers rear of the scope, much the same as open sights are adjusted for range. The ART II is a totally versatile scope in that if the shooter does not desire to use it as a ranging scope, he may disengage the ranging cam from the power selection ring.
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Free Shipping No
Condition Very Good
Bore N/A
Maker Leatherwood
Year Gulf War
Caliber N/A