SOLD - Scarce Smith & Wesson Model 53

Type: Model 53
Maker: S&W
Caliber: .22 Remington Jet / .22 Magnum
Condition: 93-94%
Bore: 9.5/10
Year: 1961
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K440473 - 16900
10/6/21 - This is a nice example of the scarce Smith & Wesson Model 53 revolver with 8 3/8in barrel. These revolvers were chambered for .22 Remington Jet, also known as .22 Jet or .22 Magnum. Developed jointly by Remington and Smith & Wesson, it was to be used in the Model 53 revolver, which first appeared late in 1961. While it traced its origins to potent wildcats such as the .224 Harvey Kay-Chuk, which ultimately derive from the .22 Hornet, it was a bottlenecked cartridge based upon the .357 Magnum case necked down to a .22 caliber bullet, with an unusually long tapered shoulder. It has six cylinder inserts to allow shooter to quickly switch from .22 Jet to .22LR. This one has all original blue with a patch of finish loss that wraps around the barrel, and another on the trigger guard. Minty bore and good mechanics. Excellent grips with minor handling wear. C&R eligible.
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Condition 93-94%
Bore 9.5/10
Maker S&W
Year 1961
Type Model 53
Caliber .22 Remington Jet / .22 Magnum