SOLD - Sauer M30 Luftwaffe Survival Drilling - Capture Papers

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11/25/13 - This is a beautiful M30 Luftwaffe drilling in the original case and capture papers. The original finish is about 97-98% with about 50% of the case hardening. The bores are excellent and shiny. The stock is nice with only a few minor scratches. Original case is in very good condition with some minor rust. It also comes with the original manual and cleaning rod. Sauer M30 drilling (“triple gun” in German, meaning triple-barrel combination rifle / shotgun) was originally developed by famous German gun making company J.P.Sauer & Sohn as all-around hunting weapon. Introduced in 1930, it was commercially available in several caliber combinations, sporting two side by side shotgun barrels (in 16 or 12 gauge) over one rifled barrel. In 1941, when Hitler’s Germany began military operations in Northern Africa, Luftwaffe (German Air Force) adopted Sauer M30 drillings as wilderness survival weapon for air crews, operating over vast North African deserts. It is 12g as well as 9.3x74R rifle ammunition. It must be noted that Luftwaffe bought Sauer M30 drillings outside of standard military procurement procedures, and all “Luftwaffe drillings” were made to pre-war commercial standards of fit and finish, and thus were rather expensive. Overall, Luftwaffe bought about 2,500 Sauer M30 rifle / shotgun.

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