SOLD - Rare Walther Gewehr 41 Rifle - Berlin-Lubecker

Type: G41
Maker: Walther - DUV
Caliber: 7.92x57
Condition: 60-70%
Bore: 8/10
Year: 1943
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5520 - 07648

5/21/18 - The pre-40s German army was dominated by K98 rifles, but in 1940 they knew they needed a semi-auto rifle to compete in modern warfare.  The G41, made by Walther and Mauser was developed as a German version of the M-1 Garand, nicknamed "Hitler's Garand".  The gun has a unique design including a bakelite hand guard.   They are fairly scare as only about 50k were made due to the fact that the G43 and K43 provided an improved design and therefore readily adopted over the G41. This gun was made in 1943, toward the end of production.   Comes in standard 8mm Mauser round (7.92 X 57MM).  The finish is original and rated at about 60-70%.  Most numbers are 5520 including receiver, barrel, front site, and the stock is also numbered to the gun.  However, the bolt action is numbered 6604.   In spite of this mismatch it is still a scare, collectible piece.   The stock is un-sanded and waffen 214 stamps visible in several places on the stock.  The bore is fairly shiny with strong rifling and no corrosion.  Only slight muzzle wear and there are no import marks

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Condition 60-70%
Bore 8/10
Maker Walther - DUV
Year 1943
Type G41
Caliber 7.92x57