SOLD - Rare PX Luger - End of War

Type: P.08
Maker: Krieghoff
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: 98-99%
Bore: 5/10
Year: ~1945
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23 - 12380
7/27/20 - If you have never heard of a PX luger - take a look. At the end of WW2 only Krieghoff was still making the Luger, although very few. And therefore, they also had all of the remaining parts from DWM, Simson, and Mauser. Production stopped when the war ended in 1945. However, GIs were still being sent over to keep Marshall law and to help rebuilt the infrastructure (my father in law was one of those GI who went over in 1946). And almost every GI who went over was told to bring home a war souvenir. The most popular was a "real German Luger"! So, the German workers, often unemployed and begging for work, were tasked with putting together Lugers from left over parts and then selling them in the PX - the base store - to the GIs. This gun is #23 , and is such a gun. The barrel has an Imperial proof and made by DWM. The frame is Krieghoff as you can see the L2 proof on the right side rail. The grips are most likely Mauser. The magazine, is number 23. The frame and sideplate are #23 and I believe the sideplate is also Krieghoff. The toggle is number 23, and L2 Krieghoff proofed. The receiver is #23. Most other parts are unmarked and un-proofed. The finish is post war factory original and in about 99%. The gun was most likely not shot more than a handful of times, but the bore shows wear, so I assume the barrel was left over from a used gun. There is freckling throughout. This luger is a rare and desirable find. From what I can tell only a couple hundred were put together post war for PX sales.
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Condition 98-99%
Bore 5/10
Caliber 9mm
Maker Krieghoff
Year ~1945
Type P.08