SOLD - Rare, Fantastic Nazi G.41 Rifle - duv 43

Type: G41
Maker: Berlin Lubecker
Caliber: 8mm Mauser
Condition: 97+%
Bore: 9.5/10
Year: 1943
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2886h - 17617
10/1/21 - This is a rare and desirable Walther Gewehr 41 (G41) rifle from World War II, and one of the finest examples we've ever seen. The receiver is marked with 'duv 43' code, denoting it was manufactured at the Berlin-Lubecker factory. There were fewer than 10,000 estimated G41s produced before production switched to the G43/K43. These early G41 series of rifles used the "Bang Gas-Trap" system which employed a barrel mounted "Gas Trap" muzzle cone to trap hot gas that was bled off when the round was fired, which cycled the action. This entire series of rifles was very short lived however it was used extensively on the Eastern Front where a semi-automatic rifles was considered essential for "long-life". Consequently, their survival rate is very low in any condition. The later series of G/K43 rifles did away with the earlier "Bang" gas trap style system and instead used a barrel mounted gas system, that was copied from the Russian Tokarev rifles, making them far more reliable and easier to produce. The Walther design was more successful than the Mauser design at least, as they removed the bolt and had a cleaner receiver area as a result. This particular rifle is all matching and correct, with fully matching numbered parts. The receiver and all numbered areas of the upper/barrel are matching, as is the stock, mag well and trigger assembly. E/214 proofs present on several metal parts. The finish on the metal parts is in fantastic condition, with only minor high edge wear on the muzzle, magazine and receiver. The stock is in excellent condition with no cracks and hardly any chips or dings, just one notable ding near the serial. Magazine does have some pitting on the left side. Terrific, shiny bore. Includes cleaning rod and sight hood.
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Condition 97+%
Bore 9.5/10
Maker Berlin Lubecker
Year 1943
Type G41
Caliber 8mm Mauser