SOLD - Rare, Excellent Remington 1903-A4 Sniper Rifle

Type: 1903-A4 Sniper
Maker: Remington
Caliber: .30-06
Condition: 90-95%
Bore: 9.5/10
Year: 1943
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12/23/20 - This is a rarely seen Remington 1903-A4 sniper rifle in original, correct configuration. There were about 22,000 of these manufactured, in three serial number blocks, and this rifle, is in the first serial number block. Almost all of these were rebuilt at the end of WWII or for Korea, but this one is an original survivor still wearing its original blue finish from the first serial number block, and avoided all of the rebuilding process. It was a CMP auction gun, and the original CMP certificate and a copy of the auction from 2016 is included. The rifle has a four-groove barrel dated 3-43. The bore is in excellent condition. The muzzle is gauged at 1+ and the throat is gauged at 1+. The rifle has a red field scope mount, and original. It has the “C” stock, which has dents and scratches. There appears to be in “RA” stamp followed by a boxed “F JA” stamp on the left side of the stock, just behind the receiver. There is also a “P” proof marking under the grip. Stock. Also has corrected multiple stamps near the bottom metal. The gun also sports a Model 330 scope engraved M73B1 and serial no. 21166, optics with crosshair or clear, except for very small speck at 5 o’clock. Interestingly, the stock is painted with what appears to be possibly the company and regiment number and a rifle rack number, “A-769” with rack number “9”. A little research may reveal the regiment assigned this rifle (possibly 769) and company (possibly Company A). With correct WWII web sling. Excellent bore. Stock does have several notable dings or small gouges.
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Condition 90-95%
Bore 9.5/10
Caliber .30-06
Maker Remington
Year 1943
Type 1903-A4 Sniper