SOLD - Original Full Auto German MP 44 Machine Gun - WWII

Type: MP44
Maker: Erma
Caliber: 7.92x33mm
Condition: Very Nice
Bore: Excellent
Year: 1944
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7/18/17 -  The is a very cool full auto German MP44 Machine Gun from World War II.  It is SN 1489N and has a 16-1/2″ barrel. Manufactured by ERMA.   All parts on the gun except for rear sight numbered 73 appear to be all matching with ERMA manufactured op-rod, barrel and gas block with Haenel manufactured bolt. Metal receiver and buttstock parts by Mertzwerke with ERMA “qlv” mark on receiver.   Buttstock is of the later 5-1/2″ vertical profile type. Bolt moves freely within the action, spring tension is good. This weapon appears fully functional.  The original finish is very nice with a nice even patina, a smooth original blue finish turning gray with a mottling of brown, completely consistent with wartime use in a combat area. The bore is excellent and shiny.  Bolt and op-rod extremely fine. Wooden grips and  buttstock also extremely fine with a noticeable 2-1/2″ crack parallel to the bore line- 2″ up from the toe.   Original leather sling also serviceable, soft and supple. The MP44 is the Granddaddy of all modern assault rifles. This particular specimen has an extremely smooth action and a very attractive appearance. These are a dream to shoot on the range and thankfully significant quantities of modern made ammunition are available. No German WWII machine gun collection is complete without one of these. Includes two 30 rnd magazines, 1 marked MP44 and the other StG44.  This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF Form 3 or Form 4. It is Curio & Relic (C & R) eligible.

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Condition Very Nice
Bore Excellent
Maker Erma
Year 1944
Type MP44
Caliber 7.92x33mm