SOLD - One of a Kind, Japanese Presentation Luger

Type: P.08
Maker: Mauser
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: 85%
Bore: 9/10
Year: 1940
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5287h - 08812
12/28/18 - This is a very rare and unique Luger. It is a 1940 Nazi proofed Military luger, but with a Japanese Mum and writing on the barrel. The gun is documented in Jan Still's Third Reich Lugers, and also Hallock and Van de Kant's Mauser Luger book. This exact gun from the Jim Waddle collection is pictured in the book on page 375. There are a few known Japanese Presentation pieces, only 2 that look like this one (That I have seen). While I am not sure who or when this gun was presented, I am convinced that it was a Japanese presented Luger in or around 1941 - 1942. One source indicates these were part of the Japanese Diplomatic Corp in Berlin. This has not been confirmed. In full disclosure though, some collectors believe these Lugers to be faked. There are several clues to indicate this may be "real". These anomalies are mentioned in the book. First, this gun has tiny Japanese characters on the back of the frame and then again at the bottom of frame (same placement as the Baby Nambu). While the gun is dated 1940, it has both 655 and 135 proofs on the frame and the barrel. Mauser did not use the Eagle 135 proof until 1942. So clearly this gun was made in 1940, but then set aside or sent back to the factory in or about 1942 for additional proofs and presentation inscription. I have not heard of that before with Mauser, but among Walther collectors we know that presentation guns were pulled off the assembly line and then often given later proofs and inscriptions just before presentation. These anomalies would not have entered the imagination of a "faker"; AND anyone with this level of sophistication would at least have given the gun a matching magazine and better finish on the grip straps. The condition of the gun is very good, except for the thin finish on the straps.. It is all matching with the exception of the magazine and the grips are not numbered. The bore is very good. Shiny, with only minor corrosion in the grooves. Guaranteed authentic and original.
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Condition 85%
Bore 9/10
Caliber 9mm
Maker Mauser
Year 1940
Type P.08