SOLD - Japanese Type 99 - Full Mum

Type: 99
Maker: Arisaka
Caliber: 7.7mm
Condition: 70-80%
Bore: 9.5/10
Year: WW2
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88195 - 08891
1/15/19 - Early WW2 production Toyo Kogyo Hiroshima Prefecture 31st Series Japanese Type 99 Service Rifle with all matching serial numbers and full, untouched mum marking on receiver. Very scarce battle captured rifle and not an ordinary vet bring back rifle. This is a very early production rifle and has early production original features such as the monopod, chrome lined barrel, full length cleaning rod, and the anti-aircraft sights. Weapon is without dust cover. This is exactly what you are looking for if you want a main line captured in battle Japanese Army rifle. All matching serial numbers including receiver, bolt, safety, and firing pin. Bayonet lug is unmarked and not numbered. Small counterbore at the muzzle end of bore apparently done by the Japanese during the war to improve shooting accuracy. Bore condition looks very nice about excellent, chrome lined. Unnamed US Vet captured rifle during the war the receiver mum on this rifle is entirely intact and untouched as made. Battle captured serial numbers matching Japanese rifles such as this one have always been scarce as most of these rifles were surrendered and mums ground off at the emporer's direction at the close of WWII. This was the standard early issue 7.7 mm Japanese rifle of the Pacific War. Although it never fully replaced the 6.5 mm Type 38 rifle In the Japanese Army it was the most commonly encountered rifle outside of the the China Theater. The Type 99 rifle was a very innovative design for a bolt action rifle, and while it may have been a dated and obsolete design by the standard of the semi auto rifles such as the Garand, it was very well suited for tropical service in harsh jungle conditions and it was a prized Army and USMC war trophy. Not import marked.
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Condition 70-80%
Bore 9.5/10
Maker Arisaka
Year WW2
Type 99
Caliber 7.7mm