SOLD - Japanese Samurai Sword with Papers

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Maker: Sukenga
Caliber: N/A
Condition: Excellent
Bore: N/A
Year: 1849
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11/21/17 - Late Edo Wakizashi with a highly coveted Nihonto Origami (Japanese Sword Authentication Paper) from the Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword (NTHK). The certificate grades the blade as Kanteisho (Important Work) and is very difficult to achieve. The Nakago (tang) is completely unaltered and signed Ichi Yokoyama Kaga no Suke Fujiwara Ason Sukenaga Biyo Osafune Ju, Kaei Third Year, Second Month, which translates to “Number one honorary Lord of Yokoyama Ason Sukenaga, resident of Osafune, February 1849.” The royal Chrysanthemum with number one denotes that Sukenaga achieved imperial recognition as the top smith in the Yokoyama School of Bizen, the highest possible distinction. He worked exclusively in Osafune during the period 1830 – 1851, his production being cut short by a premature death. Sukenaga is included in Fujishiro’s Nihon Toko Jiten (1935) which rates 1,500 swordsmiths; his work is evaluated as Jo Saku (Superior Made). The workmanship exhibited in this Wakizashi is exceptional; the length of the blade remains unaltered with a cutting edge of 50.7 cm / 20 inches. The Hamon (tempered cutting edge) is a combination of Sugu-ha (straight) and Gunome Choji (wave of clove shapes). The Tsuba (handguard) and other metal furniture date to the same period. A rare opportunity to purchase a collector-grade Samurai sword with NTHK papers from a smith recognized by the Emperor of Japan!

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Condition Excellent
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Maker Sukenga
Year 1849
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