SOLD - Excellent WW2 Winchester Model 12 Riot Shotgun

Type: Model 12
Maker: Winchester
Caliber: 12GA
Condition: Excellent
Bore: Mint
Year: WW2
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974128 - 12947
9/25/20 - This is a hard to find Winchester Riot shotgun issued to the US military during WW2. The original blued finish rates about 95%. Finding these with the original blue, not parkarized is rare. It has the US Property mark with flaming bomb indicating it was procured by the military and the other markings on the gun are exactly as they should be as outlined in Canfields book. The appropriate pages are included this listing. This is truly a "text book" example as you can see that the markings match the one in the book. This gun is one that would be difficult to improve upon. These shotguns are more rare than their "cousin" the Model 12 Trench. And with the WW2 Trench gun prices soaring, this collectible shotgun is very affordable. The main difference in the 2 shotguns is that the Trench gun comes with the heat shield and bayo lug. The Riot shotgun does not include these features, but otherwise has then same design. Comes in 12 gauge and hold 5 shells. The Length of Pull is 13 1/8", and the over length is 39.5". It has a smooth shiny bore. The wood is also in excellent original condition with proper cartouche and inspector initials. These guns were typically issued to guards and military police guarding bases, ports, depots, etc.
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Free Shipping No
Condition Excellent
Bore Mint
Maker Winchester
Year WW2
Type Model 12
Caliber 12GA