SOLD - Reising M50 - Full-auto & C&R Transferrable

Type: Reising M50
Maker: Harrington & Richardson
Caliber: .45
Condition: Excellent
Bore: 8.5/10
Year: 1940's
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6154 - 06562

11/10/17 - This is an excellent, all original .45 Reising submachine gun that was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson.  This is the earliest variation with four-digit serial and blued metal finish, as opposed to the later parkerized versions.  The P proof on top of the receiver denotes that this variation was sent to the military as a lighter, cheaper option than the Thompson.  The finish rates in the mid to high 90's with excellent bluing throughout.  The wood is in very good condition with only a minor gouge in it, closer to the muzzle.  The I cut in the stock would've previously been a lanyard but was filled in for the military.  Correct magazine.  Excellent bore that shows some use but has good rifling and is shiny throughout.  Fully transferrable on ATF form 4. If you are a C&R holder, we can ship this directly to you! Please note the transfer / tax stamp and paperwork takes about 4-5 months and costs $200. 

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Free Shipping No
Condition Excellent
Bore 8.5/10
Maker Harrington & Richardson
Year 1940's
Type Reising M50
Caliber .45