SOLD - Engraved Colt Single Action Army - Ivory Grips

Type: SAA
Maker: Colt
Caliber: .44-40
Condition: Very Good
Bore: 9/10
Year: 1882
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1/28/19 - This is an all original, nickel engraved Colt SAA made in 1882. We have a factory letter on the way and will post when it arrives but it will state that this Colt was shipped to Hartley and Graham in New York City on July 5, 1882. They were the largest firearms dealer in the US in 1860. They bought unfinished guns from Colt and then added custom features such as engraving and grips. This was one of 10 guns Colt shipped to them in July of 1882. The gun was shipped with "soft finish" which means it was sent as unhardened, bare metal. It was also most likely shipped with no grips. Hartley and Graham then engraved the gun, did the nickel plating and added the ivory grips. Therefore when we say original nickel and grips we must clarify that this was done after leaving the factory but was the first and only finish and grips on the gun. The engraving therefore was also not done in the factory but period correct as the work was all done by the retailer. An incredible find in this condition. The ivory grips show age discoloring and cracking (to be expected), and the nickel finish has flaking in several spots and brown patina throughout. The parts are all matching. The bore is very good with strong rifling. The action is tight and I'm sure the gun would shoot just fine. However, we don't recommend shooting it due to the collector value. Comes in .44-40 with 7.5 inch barrel. On the bottom of the frame is the name J. Wright. The inscription appears to be original to the period and therefore he is likely the gentleman who ordered the Colt along with its custom features. Comes with Colt factory letter. If only it could talk...
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Free Shipping No
Condition Very Good
Bore 9/10
Maker Colt
Year 1882
Type SAA
Caliber .44-40