SOLD - Dreyse Model 57 Prussian Needle Fire Carbine

Type: Model 57
Maker: Dreyse
Caliber: 14mm
Condition: Nice
Bore: 8.5/10
Year: 1868
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5/21/21 - This is a nice example of a Prussian Dreyse Model 57 Needle Fire Carbine, made in 1868. The Dreyse needle-gun (German Zündnadelgewehr, which translates roughly as "needle ignition rifle") was a military breechloading rifle, famous as the main infantry weapon of the Prussians, who adopted it for service in 1841 as the Dreyse Zündnadelgewehr, or Prussian Model 1841. Its name comes from its 0.5-inch (13 mm) needle-like firing pin, which passed through the paper cartridge case to impact a percussion cap at the bullet base. The Dreyse rifle was also the first breech-loading rifle to use the bolt action to open and close the chamber, executed by turning and pulling a bolt handle. It has a rate of fire of about 10-12 rounds per minute. The Model 57 is the carbine version of the 1841 model. This one is all matching and has the proper Franco-Prussian proofs. There is no finish on the metal parts, and there is spotty oxidation throughout. The stock is nice with minor dings, dents, and scratches throughout. One small chip in the top of the butt stock. The gun is fully functional. Excellent bore - shiny with strong rifling.
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Condition Nice
Bore 8.5/10
Maker Dreyse
Year 1868
Type Model 57
Caliber 14mm