SOLD - Czech vz. 52 Rifle - 1955

Type: vz. 52
Maker: SHE
Caliber: 7.62x45mm
Condition: 90-95%
Bore: 7/10
Year: 1955
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7/18/19 - This is an excellent example of a Czech vz. 52 rifle, manufactured in 1955 at the Povaska Bystrica (SHE) factory. The vz. 52 rifle is a self-loading rifle developed shortly after the Second World War in Czechoslovakia. Its full name is '7.62mm samonabíjecí puška vzor 52'. Vz. 52 is an abbreviation for vzor 52, meaning "model 52". It fires the unique 7.62×45mm cartridge. It is considered both reliable and accurate. The first 5,000 vz. 52 rifles were made by Považské strojárne in Považská Bystrica, but due to production difficulties, its manufacture was taken over by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod. The vz. 52 feeds from a detachable box magazine with a 10-round cartridge capacity but could also be rapidly recharged from stripper clips with the bolt retracted. For this purpose, a stripper clip guide is milled into the front face of the bolt carrier, aligning with the magazine when the bolt is locked in the open position. This is the primary method of reloading the rifle as infantrymen were only issued 2 magazines per rifle. It ejects cartridge cases vigorously forward and to the left. This particular rifle has excellent bluing on the finished metal parts, with minimal wear and matching numbers on receiver and bayonet band. The bayonet is also in excellent condition, though the metal handguard shows some patination throughout. Smooth mechanics and bore has strong rifling but some frost and freckling throughout. Stock has various dings and small chips but no cracks or structural issues. This example has NO import mark on it. Receiver is dated to 1955.
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Condition 90-95%
Bore 7/10
Maker SHE
Year 1955
Type vz. 52
Caliber 7.62x45mm