SOLD - Rare, Boxed Walther PP Super

Type: PP Super
Maker: Walther
Caliber: 9x18
Condition: 98%
Bore: 9.5/10
Year: 1976
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11965 - 13573
12/1/20 - This is an excellent Walther PP Super from 1976 with box, manual and spare magazine. The original blue rates at 98% with just a hint of muzzle wear, but most bluing loss on the bottom of the front strap. There are also several small dings on the left side of the frame. The Walther PP Super pistol came into existence circa 1972, as a proposed service handgun for West German police. At that period, German police looked for a new standard handgun and ammunition, to replace obsolete and underpowered pistols then in service. During the early 1970s there was much debate about a new service cartridge, and two major contenders were the already famous 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum, and the relatively new 9×18 Police cartridge. The 9×18 Police cartridge has been based on pre-WW2 9x18mm Ultra ammunition, developed in Germany by the Geco and Walther on request from Luftwaffe (German Air Forces). The 9×18 cartridge offered about a maximum power which could be used in relatively compact and lightweight blowback pistols. This, in turn, allowed these pistols to be simpler and less expensive than locked-breech 9x19mm pistols. Recognizing these advantages of 9×18 ammunition, the Walther company developed a police pistol, roughly based on the famous Walther PP pistol, and called it PP Super. Only about 2,000 were ordered and sales remained low so it was discontinued. Comes with correct box but the number was covered to match. No import marks on the pistol, which is also a rarity.
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Condition 98%
Bore 9.5/10
Caliber 9x18
Maker Walther
Year 1976
Type PP Super