SOLD - 1939 Mauser Luger Rig - 42 Code

Type: P.08
Maker: Mauser
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: 92%
Bore: 7/10
Year: 1939
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913 - 06599

11/16/17 - The 1939 Luger was a bit unique as they made both the 42 code and S/42 codes.   About 80k were made with the 42 Code.  This gun is in the S suffix and has a 3 digit serial.  The finish is all original and I would rate at about 92%. The only odd thing on the finish is that the ejector (on top) is unfinished but numbered to the gun.  The grips are not numbered but appear to be original to the gun.  All small parts have matching numbers.  It comes with 2 matching mags, BUT the mags have been re-numbered.  The S suffix and the eagle/63 look original, however you can see a "shadow" of a previous number on each magazine.   It is mostly removed and then 913 stamped over the previous spot.  Can't say for sure when this was done. Certainly the Germans recycled magazines and could have been done by Mauser.  However, it also could have been done more recently in order to boost the price.  We are NOT pricing this luger as a two match mag gun. The luger also comes with a very nice 1939 dated holster. Only issue is a small hole in the front - most likely an adornment pin was removed at some point.  Correct Eagle 63 tool in the pouch. Strong bore with minor frosting.  

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Condition 92%
Bore 7/10
Maker Mauser
Year 1939
Type P.08
Caliber 9mm