SOLD - 1918 DWM MG 08 - Machine Gun

Type: Mg08
Maker: DWM
Caliber: 8mm Mauser
Condition: 90+%
Bore: 7.5/10
Year: 1918
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11/15/18 - This is an original production WWI era 1918 DWM Mg08 with fully restored sled. The Mg08 is not a side plate gun, it is an original DWM receiver, and is in absolutely pristine condition. No rust damage, gorgeous 90%+ bluing over the entirety of the offering, including small parts. Original finishes on brass and wood components of the gun are also 90% plus, and have not been restored. Handles still contain original cleaning and oil brushes , in perfect condition. Mechanically excellent, with minimal wear on moving parts, great interior finish and no missing or damaged components. All parts are period correct and original on the Mg itself. All small parts are numbered, and mostly matching. The receiver, water jacket and assoc screws, front sight, rear sight, and all small parts on fire control assembly, and also the charging/locking mechanisms and top cover are matching. The bolt, feed tray, and barrel guide are non matching to the Mg. Fire control group is in fantastic shape, and is all original and all functional. Brass fitting has been made for the use of a hose into a bucket or water container if preferred. Water jacket is fully complete, with an original and still functional plug for the steam port. This is about the best example of a wartime correct original Mg08 that we could offer, it is really very close to flawless. The Mg also comes with original field armor for the water jacket. As far as I can tell, original issue with aftermarket bolts used as fasteners, but with the correct metal clips and retainers. The armor is a rare and amazing addition to an already unique offering, and is not commonly available in the open market. The Mg comes on a fully restored sled. The sled was purchased already stripped and missing all accessories, pads, ect. The sled has been restored to within the best of my ability, to a reasonable and fully functional facsimile of a wartime sled. Barrel displayed is the original and only barrel for the Mg, no spare barrel is included. These items are incredibly scarce in any condition, and many of the accessories have to be hand made, as they are simply unavailable. If you are looking for a great functional tripod and an absolutely gorgeous and ultra rare display item, this Mg and sled fits the bill almost uniquely in today’s market.

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Free Shipping No
Condition 90+%
Bore 7.5/10
Maker DWM
Year 1918
Type Mg08
Caliber 8mm Mauser