SOLD - 1918 Navy Luger - Weimar Era

Type: P.08
Maker: DWM
Caliber: 9mm
Condition: ~95%
Bore: 8/10
Year: 1918
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9307a - 12876
9/23/20 - Most collectors are familiar with the K Date and G Date Navy Lugers as they are very rare and desirable. This Luger is similar and possibly even more rare. We have not seen another like it and this one requires a bit of "detective work" to describe accurately. Here is what we know. The Luger started out in 1918 and was issued to the German Army near the end of WW1. Between the wars, often referred to as the Weimar era, this Luger was reworked , refinished and then re-issued to the German Navy. Exactly when this happened is not clear. The double date would seem to indicate 1920, but often these guns were stamped 1920 even though they were actually re-worked sometime later. These "double dates" are often seen on police re-worked guns, but this one has an Eagle/M and property mark that looks a lot like the G Date Navy. So, that could mean this was re-worked in or about 1935, but we can't say that for sure, it could have been earlier. Whatever the date we can see that the gun is all matching numbers except for the magazine. We can see that it was refinished - most likely during the re-work, but it also could have been done later. The grips are clean and sharp and they match the excellent condition of the gun. The bore is strong and rates about 8 out of 10. The straw colored small parts rates about 80% and the re-arsenaled bluing rates about 95%. Additional information about this Navy issued Luger is welcomed.
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Condition ~95%
Bore 8/10
Maker DWM
Year 1918
Type P.08
Caliber 9mm