SOLD - Hitler Youth Leader's Dagger

Type: Dagger
Maker: E&F Horster
Caliber: N/A
Condition: Excellent
Bore: N/A
Year: WW2
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5/23/20 - This is a very rare and desirable Hitler Youth Leader's Dagger from WW2. We believe this is an original, period correct item after doing some research. We aren't experts, but when comparing the maker stamp to others shown to us by knowledgeable experts, we found many similarities and intricate details that lead to our conclusion of authentic. Notably, the markings and placement of markings on the blade. One side of the blade is marked "BLUT UND EHRE!". The placement is correct, as is the font and size. The black "highlight" or interior black that is found in the letters is completely missing from the word "BLUT" and is only partially missing in the other letters. The reverse of the blade is RZM M7/36 marked. This is a maker code for E.&F. Horster, a known maker of these blades. Take note of the horizontal line going through the "7", which is correctly tilted at an angle. Also the placement of the "6" which slightly wraps around the edge of the blade. This is congruent with other M7/36 blades we found. The coil on the handle of this dagger is tight, but somewhat uneven and not spaced perfectly, again another similarity we found on other known authentic examples. The scabbard has dark blue stretched leather, and is completely in tact, though there is some light "play" in the lower portion of leather, meaning it can be shifted up and down slightly. The blade is very shiny and the mirror finish made photos very difficult, but please take a close look.
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Free Shipping No
Condition Excellent
Maker E&F Horster
Year WW2
Type Dagger