SOLD - Luftwaffe Summer Flying Helmet LKpS101

Type: Helmet
Maker: Siemens Apparate
Caliber: N/A
Condition: Excellent+
Bore: N/A
Year: N/A
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3/24/20 - This is an original and complete WW2 Luftwaffe Summer Flight Helmet model LKpS101. This product features a throat microphone and improved noise-cancelling ear cups. This was new technology introduced in 1937 by the Luftwaffe, but we couldn't find a date anywhere on the tags of this helmet. Regardless, this helmet has both throat microphones in excellent condition, marked LN 26779-2 Mi 4b. The ear cups are covered in leather on the exterior, and only the right ear cup has some scuffing around the edge. The rest of this helmet is excellent with minimal signs of use. All buckles, straps, and attachments are in tact and show little-to-no signs of damage.
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Condition Excellent+
Maker Siemens Apparate
Type Helmet