SOLD - Rare M40A1 USMC Sniper Rifle Clone

Type: M40A1 USMC
Maker: Remington
Caliber: .308
Condition: 98%
Bore: 9.5/10
Year: ~1966
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140202 - 13433
11/6/20 - This is a rare USMC M40A1 sniper rifle clone with early USMC "issued" McMillan "smear" return stock. It comes with the build certificate from USMC Precision Weapons Section in Quantico, Virginia. It has the USMC "issued" Unertl 10X sniper scope with CMP certificate. If you like M40A1 USMC "clone" sniper rifles, then this one is a grail rifle. This was built and accuracy tested at the Precision Weapons Section, and it's a total spec build that would likely be impossible to duplicate today. It's as close to a correct, issued M40A1 built rifle that you can find. It has a true and correct McMillan, USMC issued "smear" stock. The rifle was built by a member of the marine corps rifle team and has the certificate to authenticate. The return stock with return certificate is in excellent condition with Win70 bottom metal and a Win70 trigger guard. It has the Pachmayr cross-hatch butt pad with minor wear. The serial number of the receiver dates to about 1966, and is several thousand numbers before the earliest known serial we could find documented for the original Vietnam era builds. It has the tombstone style trigger group safety, as was used on the early USMC M40s. Action bedded into stock with free floating barrel. Schneider rough finish type barrel. Barrel marked PWS-P, meaning Precision Weapons Shop - Proved. Excellent bore. The gun comes with an original, issued Unertl USMC 10x scope with the CMP certificate. The scope itself is rare, as it was sent to US optics for the reticle modification. However, this one was apparently kept by the USMC unused after the USO modifications, and this one still has the red caps USO sent the modified scopes back to the USMC with. Comes with M1907 style leather sling. Also includes a manual.
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Condition 98%
Bore 9.5/10
Maker Remington
Year ~1966
Type M40A1 USMC
Caliber .308