D.F. 10x80 Flak Binoculars

Type: Binoculars
Maker: Josef Schneider & Co.
Caliber: N/A
Condition: Good+
Bore: N/A
Year: WW2
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6/10/24 - This is a pair of WW2 German 10x80 Flak Binoculars. These were used by Heer Artillery and Luftwaffe Flak gunners for sighting the Flak 36 (88mm) gun. This example is maker stamped "dkl" by Josef Schneider & Co.. The exterior has a black lacquered paint finish with some high edge wear and signs of aging on the exterior, but without excessive wear or damage. The optics are in fair condition with general cloudiness and some damage to the right eye lens. Visibility remains around 75-80% with functional lens filters for clear, light, medium, and dark. The focusing adjustment on each eye works as intended, as does the eye width adjustment knob. The right side of the exterior is marked with a blue circle and white "X" next to either side of the maker code, which indicates the types of lubricants used during production (treated for cold weather use). The serial number ranges for this maker begin with 5437 up to 82036, which indicates this example as early wartime production.
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Condition Good+
Maker Josef Schneider & Co.
Year WW2
Type Binoculars