Col. Douglas A. Bangert - US Marine Navy Pilot

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Doug Uni
10/15/13 - We are proud to introduce you to our latest addition to the family at Legacy Collectibles. Meet Col. Douglas A. Bangert. Col. Bangert was a US Marine Navy Pilot. He flew the FIRST American plane to land at Guadalcanal. He also assisted in the sinking of the first Japanese Battleship for which he won the Distinguished Flying Cross. He flew combat missions in the Pacific throughout WW2 including the Battle for Okinawa. (See Photo- He is front row, first on the left) Col. Bangert decided to make a career out of the Service so also made the transition to Jet Fighters, and as such served in combat missions in both the Korean War and Vietnam. He retired after 30 years in the US Marines. Unfortunately Col. Bangert passed away in the late 1990's. His widow sold his dress blues through a Dealer at the MAX show in October of 2013. Legacy Collectibles is proud to have acquired this fine uniform and we proudly display it in our showroom. Semper Fi!!