Update On Eva Braun's Gold Ring

Hey guys! I'm about to leave for a one week vacation. And I know you guys go into withdrawal whenever you don't get new content from Legacy Collectible. So I decided to do three quickies today before I leave. And we're going to post them Monday, Wednesday, Friday, while I'm gone. So here's quickie number two. 

Okay, for this quickie, I'm going to give you an update on the Eva Braun ring. I think most of you remember it. I can't remember getting more feedback and actually very helpful feedback -- for the most part, very helpful feedback, on what you guys thought of what should happen to this ring. So let me just give you an update on my thinking.

The options Presented

I had said that if a family member contacts me that that would be my first choice. I got a lot of very well thought out feedback that they got their money by stealing from other people and they've made -- I don't want to go into all the details. But people made a lot of really good points about the family doesn't deserve to get it back. And the vast majority felt like it should go to like the holocaust museum or something like that. And I think that's a really good thought. Although when I talk to museums, they don't want to put this on display.

They want to sell the ring in order to keep the assets, keep the memories alive. Make sure people never forget what happened in World War II, and particularly in the Holocaust. And that one resonated the most with me. Now I had probably 30-40 people who said, I'd like to buy the ring, what's the price? And a lot of those people are regular customers and friends of mine. 

Here's our Decision

And so I don't know who to pick. So where we've landed, and we've discussed this internally, and really from all of your feedback, we think the best thing to do would be to sell it on auction, we will use gunbroker because we do a lot of business with them. And we will give you a heads up when we do the listing. Now the proceeds then from that sale will go to one or more of the different Holocaust museums. Now just bear in mind, that's not just Jews that were put into concentration camps, but also the homosexuals, communists, political rivals, people who were deformed. So it is humanitarian effort to make sure people never forget.

We know we can't please Everybody

Now with the sale of this ring, we can't make everybody happy. Because everybody has a different opinion. But I think that is the right thing to do. However, there are people who are not going to be happy with this decision. And those are the Holocaust deniers. We heard from some of us that it's a hoax, it never happened. 

Not everyone is welcome Here

Here's my recommendation. You need to take your views elsewhere. You're not welcome at this channel because not only is it a racist ideology to say that the Holocaust never happened; but secondly, you are calling my father, my grandfathers, our uncle's, our great uncles, you are calling all of those soldiers who went over there, sacrificed their lives, to liberate those camps and walked through those camps and told us what they saw, including somebody we did a video on [Inaudible 03:12], he flew in and out. He flew senators, he flew Eisenhower, and he is eye witness what he saw.

That's Russian soldiers, that's British soldiers, French, US soldiers and German citizens, all who testify as to what happened there. So all of them would have to be liars and I really don't need your business if you are calling our brave soldiers liars. 

Enough ranting! Stay tuned for the auction Details

Now I'll get off of that soapbox and just remember, I hope you have a great day because I'm out on vacation somewhere probably sitting by the pool. So I hope you enjoy your day and stay tuned because we will be updating you as to when we will be auctioning this off.