Rare SA Gruppe Walther PP Bulged Barrel Examined

Hey, guys, I decide to do a quickie this morning because I have a lot of work to do. Believe it or not, I have a full time job. So I just wanted to show this to you really quickly. This is just as a lesson in where I made a mistake and I'm going to tell you about it. I did a video where I actually made a mistake and it was to my favor. And that was the Baby Nambu.


The Baby Nambu Mistake Video (Yes, I am human too)

If you haven't watched that baby Nambu, I got a holster that was worth twice what I thought it was. That was a mistake. And in that video, I said doesn't happen very often. Most times when I make a mistake, it's not in my favor. This is an example. And I just want to show it to you really quickly so you can be educated on what to watch out for.


SA Gruppe Sachsen Gun Inscription Overview

This is obviously a wartime actually pre-war 1938 Walther P.P. nice looking gun. But what makes it really special and valuable is the SA Gruppe Sachsen. Now I'm going to do a separate video about the SA Gruppe Sachsen guns.


SA Gruppe Gun’s General Worth

There's there's all different provinces in Germany and each of the SA Gruppes would have SA pistols with the Gruppe name on the front strap. And that is the proper place for it to be. Proper inscription. Nothing wrong with this. I was excited when I saw it because I thought this is a rare gun and probably worth $4,000 or more.


Keeping it General with the SA Gruppe 

That's a particularly rare group. Now, the mistakes that I made and by the way, when I'm not a detail guy, I'm a generalist. I usually look at the big picture like this is an SA gun and worth some money. I don't often, like, take them apart and look at everything to make sure it's all correct. And I watch guys who do. And let me say kudos to them, because what I didn't do is I didn't look at the bore and so many guys contact us.


SA Gruppe Bore Overview

They want to know about the board. They're obsessed with the bore. I'm not really obsessed with the bore, but if I had done my homework, I would have looked down the bore. So we'll start with my trusty bore light. Now, this one happens to be a pen that says legacy collectibles and has a little bore. And you should get one. Buy a gun. You get a bore light.

I look down the bore and there's an oddity in there. If you look inside about halfway down, I see a ring around the middle of the barrel. There's a ring that is called a bulged barrel. It means that some hot ammo or some overcharge ammo was in there and exploded and bulged the barrel. They're often well, they often can be toward the end. This one is right in the middle. The other thing that I can do is if I feel the barrel. Give me a minute.


Quick Takedown lesson

Here we go. A quick lesson and take down. I usually need I can I usually use a credit card, but I don't want to show you guys my credit cards. So you just pull the trigger guard down. Put a piece of paper in there. Take the magazine out. Pull it back and up. Let's do that again. Just pull it back and off comes right off. I wouldn't have to do this at a gun show. All I need to do is look down the barrel. But if you if I feel it right in the middle, I can feel the bulge.


Bulged SA Gruppe Barrel Examined

It's right there. So just a lesson learned. Make sure you can't catch it because a bulged barrow barrel will make it un-shootable. I mean, you can shoot it, but it's dangerous to shoot. So what I'm going to have to do is now find a barrel and find an original barrel and replace it. Going to be really hard to do. By the way, if you happen to have a crown and P.P. barrel, please contact me. I'd like to swap this out and get the full value out of the gun.


Thank you!

Hey, I hope you enjoyed the tip and the quickie. Thanks for watching.