Show of Shows 2020 Louisville, KY Part 1

Welcome to Louisville

Tom:  Hey guys I'm here in Louisville, Kentucky and as you can tell it is freezing cold. I don't know what the temperature is but it's below freezing and the wind is blowing. I'm here at the Expo Center in Louisville. Excited to go in and sign up for the show, I brought along with me an MP 40. Come on in and check it out.

First Stop – A Rare Japanese Gun

Tom:  So one of my first stops is a really rare Japanese gun. I have actually never seen one live and in person. So of course coming to SOS there's one right here. This is called a Hamada I'm told. If you look at the serial number, number 25, the serial numbers only go up to 50 so we assume only 50 were made. There's only about 17 - 19 known. This looks like somebody stripped the finish but actually all of the known ones have no finish on them. And this is kind of interesting, a little brass piece there and it comes in 8mm Nambu. The holster that came with it actually goes to a type 94 but this is an extremely rare gun, it is for sale and I'm told these sell somewhere between $16,000 and $20,000. Amazing for a Japanese pistol and try not to break the glass when you turn it.

Mama Mia! Some beautiful Walthers

Tom: ...walk in the show! Oh I see some Walthers here, I love Walther's. He's got some beautiful Walthers I'm going to see if we can negotiate a price but one thing that jumps out at me, maybe you can hold that up for me, look at this engraved Walther PP. 

Here’s some Info

Speaker 1: Well Tom, this is a Walther Factory engraved pistol but unfortunately it was denazified by the recipient at the end of the war. They wanted to disassociate themselves with any name or date for the presentation. This was evidently returned by a veteran and he had his name engraved on the side, Karl Getz. But we see an engraved presentation disc in the ivory grip, J. S.

Now the serial number range of these I had done some research, this is in the 109,000 range and this correlates with several other pistols that have been verified by other collectors and researchers in Germany, who have been produced and presented by Fritz Sauckel during the [inaudible 03:28] rally in 1938 when Hitler made a special presentation to the party leaders in the city. This is all typical Zella-Mehlis good type engraving, excellent, the gold is still present in some of the recesses around the trigger and the safety and on the hammer. But overall the light gold finish has oxidized and it was in an excellent presentation case.

The presentation cases for these all featured the Walther banner with a PP below it, included three practice rounds, an extra magazine with the white bottom which are very scarce to go with the ivory grip. You couldn't fashion a finger extension for a magazine out of ivory because it would shatter. So they used a white plastic and then it has the factory cleaning rod.

That’s Interesting

Tom: Wow, very cool. Now those of you who watch my videos you'll see that's a slab side, it's cracked but slab side. So that's a pretty early mag, slab side, very cool. I think the magazine alone has got to be $1,000.

Speaker 1: Thank you.

Tom: Hey thanks so much.

Speaker 1: You're welcome.

Tom: We'll see if we can work something out.

Speaker 1: Okay

Sorry! I couldn’t show you everything in one go
Tom: Hey that's only about a third of what we filmed, so if you would like to see more keep watching, we're going to be putting out three or four more really quickly and also a postscript of what we brought back and show you everything we bought.

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